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10 Gifts That Will Literally Work for Anyone

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There is something undeniably delightful about giving gifts. Giving someone an expensive gift seems like an obvious choice, but it’s actually a lot harder than you might think. Consider these 10 gifts that will literally work for anyone and their family. Maybe they can use some of these on their New Year’s Resolution list! Or maybe you’ve already given one or two away this year and now you want to give someone new stuff to keep them motivated. News stories about lost or stolen Christmas presents are not uncommon. You might be convinced that these stories are just wide-eyed kids who don’t know any better, or that there’s no way these kids could be getting their parents’

1. Canvaspop’s Canvas Prints

Custom canvas prints are unique. They cannot be replicated or re-created. This is a perfect gift for the person you most want to spend your life with, but don’t know if you have the means for giving them right now. I know that this is hard for some people to wrap their heads around. I know it was hard for me until I started researching how you can give someone a gift that will significantly improve their quality of life. A well-thought-out gift can lead to happier recipients and an increased sense of community among consumers.

Canvaspop provides the highest quality custom canvas prints of any company, all on real artist stretched canvas that looks like a gallery piece. They offer an incredible 10 different sizes of high-quality 2-piece wrapped canvases starting at $39.95; 5 different colours of standard wooden frames; 3 different colours of standard metal frames; and 4 different styles of mats for both of these frame types. Plus there are 20 different canvas print photos to choose from (Christmas, easter, new baby, etc.) CanvasPop is the only place where you can customize the look by selecting which mat style you want.

Canvaspop uses its proprietary formula to create unique, vibrant images on canvas that improve ink clarity, creating stunning images that endure as prints. ““Imagine being able to purchase a product and immediately enjoying the joy and satisfaction that your purchase brings to you. This is what canvas prints offer. They allow you to take an instant decision on whether or not you would like to own this beautiful piece. 

2. Reign the Tiger Ring Holder

Reign the Tiger ring holder is a gorgeous gift for your loved one. Reign the Tiger comes in gold colour with special designed outstretched arms look like ferocious Tiger holds your prized rings. This ring holder jewellery box is perfect for storing any size of rings, bracelets, earrings and other precious items. You can place them on a dresser or coffee table or carry them along in your pocket no matter where you go.

3. Leather Key Chain Bottle Opener

The Premium Leather Key Chain Bottle Opener is sure to be a hit wherever you go. It’s the perfect gift for the Heavy Duty fan in your life! This key chain bottle opener will surely open up a world of enjoyment any time of day, anywhere. Features quality metal construction, secure latch closure, built-in bottle opener, durable genuine leather, and Heavy Duty logo at centre.

4. Magnetic Wristband

Capture the attention of your special someone with this shiny, silver magnetic wristband! It’s the perfect piece to add some flair and interest to any outfit. Strong magnets embedded inside of the band will hold multiple items on its surface, while the adjustable velcro band allows for a comfortable fit.

5. Gemstone Decor Drop Earrings

Gemstone Decor Drop Earrings are a beautiful and modern way to give yourself a breathtaking gift. These earrings feature a unique design that allows the natural patterns on your skin to come to life. They are gem-quality cut with a smooth vintage-looking finish. The design utilizes nine different interlocking gems that add a unique pop of colour while always remaining intricate and functional. These earrings are great for adding some natural texture to your look or for wearing as a necklace.

6. The Humble Co Bamboo Toothbrush

The Humble Co Bamboo Toothbrush is a simple gift that will make your loved one happy every day. This gift set comes with a handmade bamboo toothbrush, bamboo toothpaste and bamboo toothpaste holder. The toothpaste contains aloe vera extract which protects the teeth from sensitivity. The toothpaste holder helps to protect the toothbrush from dust, prolonging its life.

7. Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

A useful, quality gift for your friends and family, made from long-lasting stainless steel, these drinking straws are elegant and sturdy, designed to help you savour the taste of any drink Beautiful Stainless Steel Drinking Straws that are perfect for babies or everyday use.

8. Juliette Rose Gold Holographic Nail Polish

The Juliette Rose Gold holographic nail polish is a beautiful gift idea perfect to treat yourself or a loved one. Just two coats provide a brilliant finish and a long-lasting mani. The non-toxic formula is solar flare holographic glitter glass nail polish that can be used without topcoat or gel and has been hand-blended to perfection by the unicorns here at Enstone.

9. Foamie Coconut Shampoo Bar

Are you looking for romantic gift ideas this year? Foamie Coconut Shampoo Bar is a perfect choice. This sweet bar contains coconut oil and essential oils of your choice, all wrapped in a luxurious bar that curls and softens hair in seconds. Each bar contains 4oz (120ml) of product, so there’s plenty of value in this gift package. And since it’s keto-friendly, this treat will not only give your hair the silky feel of coconut shampoo but also provide nutrients caught in the flowing oil.

10. Niki Light Pink Net Shopper Bag

The beautiful pink Niki Light Pink Net Sitter bag is perfect for the person who cares about you loves to shop and appreciate beautiful things in your life. Show them the love with this hand-made pink canvas shopping bag. Made by the same person who makes your favourite coffee table, the bag features coordinating grey and red detailing as well as a hidden zip pocket to stash your accessories. When choosing this gift, consider how you would like to present yourself when giving gifts. You could always choose a pink bag for yourself as a surprise!

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