Leading a healthy life needs a lot of things. From proper diet to proper physical activity and adequate sleep, everything helps in developing a healthy body. However, we fall sick due to several reasons. Whether it is indigestion or light fever, eventually, we all experience these smaller health issues.

In some emergency health situations, you have to be prepared for basic medicinal treatment. However, you should not take any medicines without prior consultation with your doctor. But there are some medicines, which you can store for emergency purposes.

Must-Have Medicines To Have In Your Home For Routine Emergencies

Here, we have listed different medicines for different health issues, which can rescue you in emergency and minor medical situations. Now, without wasting a single time, let’s look at the names of those must-have medicines to have in your home for routine emergencies.


The very first medicine you should have in your emergency medicinal bag is aspirin for adults and children. Apart from being pain relief, it works magically for fever reduction, toothaches, muscle ache, headache, common cold, and thinning of the blood. This specific medicine is also not that expensive.


Apart from being popular pain relief, it works great in reducing inflammation. Swelling due to arthritis, menstrual cycle, or injured during sports – Ibuprofen can be used for any inflammation injury. This multitasking medicine will also help your suffering from fever, pain, and headaches due to cold and fever.

Swallowing Gel

Many people experience difficulties while swallowing pills. In some cases, due to weakness from any disease, you or your family member might have difficulty swallowing the prescribed pill. Here a swallowing gel will ensure that you do not have trouble while taking those pills. So, in your emergency medicinal bag, include the best swallowing gel.


In our daily routine and irregular eating habits, we often get gassy tummies or a lot of acid build-up in our stomach due to the lack of food and a lot of stress. In this scenario, an antacid will not only offer you instant relief but also reduce the slow damage to your liver and esophagus. Those who already have ulcers should always stock up on some antacids before running out of the prescribed medicines.

Bismuth Subsalicylate (Pepto-Bismol)

These tested medicines help you to combat any digestive-related issues. With passing the time, we are becoming busier and end up having the wrong food or not having food for a long time. As a result, indigestion issues are common. So keep some Pepto Bismol or pink bismuth handy.


In those emergencies of constipation, a laxative will come into your restrictions. It will help you to eliminate the discomfort. Food-related health issues are normal. Thus, making all these medicines handy and normal.

Antihistamines & Anti-allergens

Allergies can really be worse than many health issues. You will never know what element caused you a serious allergy. Too much heat, pollution, dirt, dust, everything causes skin allergies. In our regular life, we are exposed to all these things. To get quick relief, take some anti-allergens in your bag.

Cough/Mucus Control

Influenza, sinus infections, allergies, damp exposure, and conditions can lead to being stuffed up, getting the gunk out, or being unable to breathe. Before visiting the doctor, for a good night’s sleep, a cough or mucus control will get you some relief. This medicine is available in both liquid and pills.


Vitamins play a huge role in developing our body and keeping it healthy. But often, we neglect this nutrition the most, and as a result, we also suffer from vitamin deficiencies. Apart from that, in this tough pandemic time, when doctors advise you to take vitamin C, keep some of the vitamin supplements at your home.

Saline Solution

Saline solution is a savior in emergency conditions. Especially if you are suffering from dehydration, no medicine can help you as fast as a glass of saline solution will do. So, forgetting this one is a strict no.

Stay Healthy!

While keeping all these medicines handy, you also have to pay more attention to your help so that you do not have to take these medicines, or at least taking these medicines becomes enough for you.

By Carter Toni

BuzRush Staff