15 Animation Software to Make Eyes-catching Spring Sales Ads Easily

by Carter Toni

There are loads of animation software options in the market, and choosing the best can be challenging.

You do not have to worry; we have done the preliminary work for you and curated the top 15 animation software you can use. These tools are perfect for making eye-catching spring sales ads. Let’s dive right in!

#1: Doratoon

Doratoon features robust state-of-the-art animation tools and technology with an extensive library of assets.

It is easy to use and lets you create professional-looking and engaging video ads. You cannot go wrong with Doratoon because it has all you need to make the most-engaging video animations.

Features of Doratoon

  • Extensive template library covering numerous categories
  • Synchronize audio with animations to create audio.
  • Millions of stock images and videos
  • Artificial Intelligence Drawing
  • Artificial Intelligence Dubbing

How to Use Doratoon to create Spring Sales Ads

Step 1: Sign up for a free Doratoon account on the official website.

Step 2: Choose a premade template in your preferred video category.

Step 3: Use the drag-and-drop editor to customize the template to suit your needs.

Step 4: Preview and download the video.

These are the simple steps for making highly engaging and eye-catching spring sales ads with Doratoon. You will find numerous templates for marketing on the platform.

#2: OpenToonz

OpenToonz is a free and open-source software tool featuring multiple animation styles. The software tool has applications across different animation projects and can bring static characters and objects to life with its 2D animation elements. Features of OpenToonz include:

  • Cutting-edge video animation with multiple effects with the SDK plugins.
  • Automatic picture styles alteration with DL technology

#3: Visme

Featuring thousands of customizable templates, pre-animated characters, royalty-free stock videos, and photos, Visme has the perfect tool for creating video animation designs. You can create promotional posters, animated videos, and graphics. It sure has everything you need to make your spring sales ads. Its features include:

  • Advanced customizable premade assets, including illustration, characters, and gestures
  • 14+ design types for animated maps, graphs, and charts

#4: Blender

Blender offers users total control over their animation videos. Its powerful sculpting, modeling, and rendering tools make it a perfect option for individuals looking for a comprehensive animation maker. In addition, the software gives you access to thousands of stock scenes and footage clips for creating your customized videos. Features of Blender include:

  • Create and edit in 3D mode
  • A customizable user interface, shortcuts, and window layout.

#5: KeyShot

This is an easy-to-use free animation software tool for creating scientifically accurate and photorealistic animations. Its top-notch 2D and 3D animation features make it a favorite of many. KeyShot supports 30+ 3D animation rendering types. It has interactive labeling, physical lighting, texture mapping, and more. Features of KeyShot include:

  • Over 750 pre-animated templates
  • Over 30 3D file formats and real-time 3D image rendering.

#6: Synfig Studio

Here is another robust and feature-rich software tool for creating animated videos. It is a free animation software tool with advanced controls for creating top-quality animation. It has a tweening animation system for speeding up your animation process. Synfig Studio has numerous features making it an excellent alternative to Adobe Animate. Its features include:

  • 50+ filters and layers to create intricate animation
  • Skeleton Distortion layer for applying complex alterations to bitmap designs

#7: Adobe Animate

When you want to create 2D animations and interactive vector graphics for marketing purposes, Adobe Animate is a good software tool. It offers unique features for animating characters, shapes, avatars, and more, using timeline controls. The features include:

  • Intuitive timeline controls with advanced animation settings
  • Vector brushes with pressure, velocity, size, and smoothness settings.

#8: CelAction 2D

This is another animation tool offering hand-crafted animation. It has four editions, and there is something for everyone. CelAction 2D interoperates with other software and lets you import 3D CGI models into your project to create a complete 3 Dimensional space. Its features include:

  • 60+ special effects for visually rich animation videos with minimal efforts
  • Advanced Inverse Kinematic tool for posing models and characters.

#9: Procreate

This is one of the most intuitive animation tools with frame-by-frame animation techniques. It lets you recreate the pencils-on-paper experience digitally. It is super easy to use for beginners. Its features include:

  • ColorDrop and QuickShape for picking colors and getting the perfect shape
  • Perspective blue, motion, and Gaussian.

#10: Powtoon

Here is another web-based animation tool for creating interactive videos. You can explore its premade graphic assets and animated characters to make the best spring sales ads without experience. Features of Powtoon include:

  • 1000+ animated characters and built-in graphics
  • An extensive library of built-in audio, character customization, and advanced animation

#11: Easil

This web-based animation software is perfect if you are looking to create basic but impressive sales ads. You can explore its thousands of editable templates across different categories to create your marketing videos. It also has brand kit features for customizing your brand logos, colors, and other brand elements. Its features include:

  • An extensive library of editable templates across categories
  • Color schemes with a color palette generator

#12: Canva

Although it only recently added some basic animation features, Canva is a renowned web-based design tool for creating graphic designs. It has six animation styles and works well for beginners. It lacks the frills of high-tech design tools but can create highly engaging and eye-catching animation videos. Its features include:

  • 1000+ editable templates
  • 1M+ free and paid images and icons

#13: Biteable

Biteable offers thousands of royalty-free footage scenes and video clips you can use to customize your marketing videos. It is an easy-to-use free animation software tool for creating animated promo videos, social media ads, and more. Some of its features are:

  • Hundreds of video templates
  • Thousands of stock animations and footage clips

#14: Animaker

Animaker is a powerful tool used by businesses for video presentations, but it can also be used to create marketing videos this spring. It has an extensive template library and premade assets, including characters and illustrations. Features of Animaker include:

  • A large library of animated templates
  • Professional-level animation features, including Camera-In-and-Out and Curve

#15: VistaCreate

You can explore the extensive design elements in VistaCreate to make the best animation videos for your spring sales adverts. It lets you combine animated GIFs, videos, and images for moving backgrounds to make eye-catching video ads for social media. Features of VistaCreate include:

  • 50M+ stock photos and video clips
  • Thousands of customizable animated templates

Doratoon: Best Free Animation Software for making Spring Sales Ads

If you are ready to make an eye-catching spring sales ad, we recommend Doratoon for your use. It has the most digital assets and is super easy to use. Its drag-and-drop editor makes it a great choice for beginners. The best part is that it is free to use.

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