4 Best Vehicle Maintenance Software to Use in 2022

by Carter Toni

Since you’re reading this article, you probably know what features and benefits a vehicle maintenance software can provide your organization with. However, if you did some digging online, you might have started feeling overwhelmed, mostly because there are so many options to choose from. To make things easier for you and to help you choose a suitable program for your company, here are the top four options that you can choose from:

1. “UpKeep”

Price: Free Trial => Later From $35 to $100

One of the first programs that you might want to consider using is UpKeep, a management solution that’ll provide you with a wide range of features including managing requests, inventory, orders, and it’ll allow you to track time and expenses, downtime & repairs, as well as service history. It’s entirely cloud-based – meaning that you can access it from any location – and it’s compatible with Android and Apple devices.

2. “MaintainX”

Price: Free Trial + Version => Later From $8 to $115

Next on our list is MaintainX, a vehicle maintenance software that’ll help you manage your work orders, inspections, and workflows, however, it’ll also allow you to improve communication between you and your team. It can be utilized across various industries, which means that you could use it for fleet maintenance, hospitality, retail, learning facilities, as well as manufacturing. Keep in mind, although there is a free version, it only comes with basic features.

3. “AUTOsist”

Price: A 14-day Free Trial => The Pricing is Made Upon Request

No list on vehicle maintenance software would be complete without us mentioning AUTOsist. Besides providing you with all the traditional features these programs have, it’ll also allow you to manage parts inventory, tires, warranty, inspection checklists, and it’ll also allow you to schedule maintenance. Another thing that a lot of individuals like about this program is that it can track expenses, fuel, repair, and service history.

4. “FleetCommander”

Price: A Free Trial => From $5 to $7

Last on this list, but equally as suitable as everything else we’ve mentioned is FleetCommander, a program that’ll allow you to use it by accessing the cloud or a mobile app. This program is suitable for managing fleets of all sizes and could utilize it for a wide range of things including fuel tracking, vehicle inspections, and vendors, but it’ll also allow you to see the real-time location of your drivers, and more importantly, the driving habits that they have.


In order to opt for a suitable vehicle maintenance software for your organization, one of the most important things to consider are the needs and requirement you have. By considering your needs, you’ll be capable of learning what features the program needs to have, thus, it’ll be easier and simpler for you to choose a suitable one.

And, as you were able to see, there is a wide range of options available on the market. Hence, instead of losing any more of your time reading articles similar to this one, drop everything that you’re doing and start thinking about what needs your organization has and which program from above can help you meet those needs.

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