5 Most Popular Trends in the Online Casinos in 2022!

by Glenn Maxwell

Trends in the Online Casinos

Gambling is certainly one of the oldest and most popular forms of fun. It has been around for centuries and will continue to gain popularity. However, the Internet age has given gambling a new dimension: online casinos, such as best honest online casino NZ, betting apps, and other gambling-related websites have become on the agenda.

The iGaming industry has also demonstrated a willingness to innovate at breakneck speed. Game developers and online casino operators are being encouraged to quickly develop ways to attract a new generation of digital-only players. Mobile experience, machine learning, and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin have been easily integrated into online gambling in recent years.

So what can we expect in 2022? Will artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to grow the online gambling industry? Are there new cryptocurrencies and player retention platforms on the horizon? That remains to be seen in a rapidly changing market, but here are my top predictions of major online gambling technology trends for 2022.

Tougher controls on irresponsible gambling

Gambling is a multi-billion dollar business. Although casino gambling revenues are steadily increasing every year, the industry is not without controversy. One of the most critical problems is irresponsible gamblers who waste their savings and as a result, find themselves in debt.

To control this, some casinos have instituted responsible gambling measures, such as self-exclusion programs that allow people to restrict themselves from entering a casino or participating in any form of gambling activity for a certain period. Players can expect casinos to tighten controls on irresponsible gambling behavior in 2022.

First Person Games

These casino products can give the user the maximum involvement effect in the event. Starting such entertainment, the player sees the game world in front of him as if he were in it.

Thanks to the development with the use of virtual reality technologies, participants are fully immersed in the stories and get a new emotional experience.

Every year, these games, as well as real online pokies NZ, are becoming cheaper and more accessible to the mass consumer. And the developers compete with each other for the attention of gamers and try to create more and more vivid and realistic products.

If you are planning to expand your online casino’s catalog with novelties, you should pay attention to the first-person games for PC and mobile devices. In 2022 their popularity will only grow.

More cryptocurrency

Decentralized gambling continues to grow in the industry, with many online platforms choosing to accept cryptocurrency as part of their payment services. Even some of the most prominent platforms offering iGaming software solutions, such as SkillOnNet, offer bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to their online casino business partners.

While traditional FIAT payments will remain the primary option at most major gambling sites in 2022, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others will begin to dominate the industry due to the security, anonymity, and high deposit/withdrawal speed they offer players. Not to mention, as NFT and Metaverse become more prominent, the demand for blockchain-based casinos will only grow.

Mobile and wearable technology

Recent trends in mobile gambling suggest that online casinos will go beyond the basic requirements of having an app. Operators need to make account registration as easy as possible for new users, as well as include a modular technology stack in the app to enable or disable necessary features. In addition, optimizing discoverability will go a long way toward giving users quick access to relevant games.

In addition to smartphones, gambling on wearable devices such as smartwatches will also grow in popularity. Creating the perfect experience for these devices comes with many challenges because of the small and varying screen sizes, as well as a large number of proprietary operating systems. However, game vendors such as Playtech have already seen the potential of the wearable gambling market and have begun to develop slots for Apple Watches.

Slots are getting better

Gaming trends should always include slot machines. Slots are the most popular online casino games, so they usually get the most attention.

The slot machine experience continues to improve, and dozens of leading game developers are working hard to improve the gameplay.

Gameplay will continue to develop, but at this point, slot machines have reached maturity. That means it’s hard to come up with new ways to make a significant difference in the experience.

Apps continue to improve, but at this point, they are mostly just replacing the same games with new themes. Recycling will probably continue to dominate the slot machine industry.


The next few years will be a formative period for the online gambling industry. For today’s operators and iGaming brands, adapting and responding to technological trends will mean achieving ambitious goals or falling behind in a competitive digital environment.

As players’ trust in online gambling grows, I expect the industry to grow steadily with technology that builds that trust and makes online gambling more secure. Improved online security, optimized payouts, skill play, and consistent launches will keep a new generation of gamers coming back again and again.

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