5 Secrets of Betting on Dota 2

by Carter Toni

Dota 2 betting has become a widely accepted betting opportunity in most betting sites. Valve’s Dota2 has managed to push the boundaries of gaming and make it more than just entertainment.

Due to its popularity, betting on Dota2 can be very rewarding but that also means that you will find thousands of people betting for or against each other, giving you less betting opportunities.

In general, Dota 2 is a highly competitive game that requires a very high level of skill and knowledge, as well as experience. What’s more, betting on Dota 2 is not as simple as betting on other sports.

So, Dota 2 betting can be very rewarding if you know how betting works and what to do in order for betting on Dota 2 to make sense.

This is where your betting strategy comes into play, knowing the strategies on betting will help you succeed in betting on Dota2. Here are 5 secrets of betting on Dota 2 that you should know:

1. Check the betting lines before betting

To make your betting decision, you need to know how much you will win and what is your potential risk in betting on Dota2.

Check the betting odds of each team with our odds comparison tool (the betting line varies from different sites like n1bet.com). You can also check out our betting tips where we compare betting odds from different betting sites for a certain betting market.

2. Don’t bet on your favorite team or player

This is the most common mistake among Dota 2 betting beginners, betting on your favorite team is very tempting because you have a big chance to win and it feels amazing when you see your favorite team winning as well as getting more betting options.

Now, betting on your favorite team is not recommended because you are betting emotionally rather than betting strategically. You might also end up betting more sums of money compared to betting on other teams which means that if the match has a different outcome then you will need to win twice or thrice the number of bets.

3. Bet early

There are betting sites that offer betting during the game or betting on live games. If you can get the unfair advantage of betting early, do it! This is because betting lines tend to change depending on what’s happening in the game.

4. Don’t bet based on the hype

Every Dota 2 betting site has its own betting tips and betting strategies, betting sites tend to favor a particular team. Some betting sites also have their betting lines created based on the betting odds of other betting markets and not necessarily what’s going to happen in the match.

5. Bet what you can afford to lose

Betting is an activity that requires discipline and spending more money than you should is one of the biggest reasons why people get hooked and end up betting more than they can afford to lose.

Be reasonable and disciplined, betting on Dota2 games shouldn’t be an emotional time for you but rather a strategic time where you will make decisions based on what’s happening in the game instead of betting because your favorite team is playing or betting against your team just because you are betting against them.

Dota2 betting can be very exciting, if you have ever made a bet before then betting on Dota 2 is just the same as betting on any other sport. Just make sure to follow these betting tips and watch your betting account grow with every match!

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