6 Decorating Ideas for Fashion Lovers!

by Glenn Maxwell

Are you a fashion-lover, but your home doesn’t quite look like it? Do you have fashion items lying helplessly around in your home with no idea where to place them? Do you wish to bring the fashion in your dressing to your home but don’t know how? If your answer to any or all of these questions is yes, you know you need to step up your home fashion game.

No gainsaying but, whatever your definition of fashion style may be, either modern or traditional, relaxed or formal, be rest assured this article will provide you with go-to ideas to transform your space into a fashion haven. You don’t even have to be a décor pro or have a fat budget to achieve them. Read on to explore.

6 Decorating Ideas for Fashion Lovers!

  1. Choose Color Groups

Color preferences vary as much as personalities. But one thing remains unchanged, the place of color in fashion cannot be over-emphasized. While there are different approaches to achieving this, Accent colors sit comfortably on the top of the list. For example, imagine you have blue and white in your living room; perhaps for the dining room, you use one of those two colors, maybe just white. Or you could do blue and a complementary color. So the blue will tie those rooms together to have a cohesive effect.

  1. Address the Walls

Textured wallpaper can be a great way to make a space luxurious, not looking too over-the-top. When choosing textured wallpaper, be mindful of the effect you’d like to cause in the room. Likewise, you can make do with a favorite fashion photograph. Fashion books and ads are good sources. Cut out your favorite parts in a famous design house’s work and frame them identically to create something magical on your wall.

  1. Put Your Favorite Pieces on Display

Even if you dare to rock those stilettos only once a year, that shouldn’t be the only time you get to love up on their view. You can enjoy the view daily when you put them on a display shelf or in acrylic boxes. Vintage Louis Vuitton and Versace are highly sought-after pieces. If you’re lucky enough to have inherited one or sufficiently buoyant to purchase one, leave it out somewhere you can enjoy its beauty.

  1. Treat your Fabrics like Art

There are lovely pieces of clothing that are as amazing as a piece of art that you need to do justice to! Talking of upholstery, it’s necessary for living room seating also to be durable and not only comfortable. Saturate your furniture in fashion fabrics. Your sofa can be mixed and matched in several materials using denim and other inviting fabrics.

  1. Explore Fashion Wall Arts

It shouldn’t be surprising that you feel more confident being surrounded by trendy fashion wall art. Here’s why; aside from the finishing look that pulls your space together and makes it feel complete, that little extra touch creates a beautifully dynamic appeal by varying your textures and appealing to all the senses to match your personality. Wall art shouldn’t be the last piece of the puzzle when decorating a new space; you’d be missing out on a fantastic design opportunity if you sideline wall art.

Ideas for Fashion Lovers!

  1. Frame a Scarf

Framing your favorites and showing them off as the art they are, is a love language in fashion. Besides, you may also decide to frame items like necklaces and bracelets in shadow boxes using paper or fabric. You need not huddle up scarves somewhere in your drawer only to use them on cool days. Instead, have them framed or knot them artfully on small hooks in a single file on a wall, preferably at an attractive height, and let their patterns hang on display to show you the feel of fashion.


Fashionistas are not only known for the clothes they wear but how they portray trendy styles and fashions even in their homes. These ideas are a killer way to decorate your home as a fashionista. Don’t hesitate to jump on anyone and experience the beauty of fashion afresh.

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