7- Top Features Staffing Agencies Should Look for in Multi-Posting Job Distribution Software

by Carter Toni

Maximizing Recruitment Success: Key Features of Multi-Posting Job Distribution Software 

Putting your job ad on many job boards all at once can help you in many ways. Using software made for that task helps even more. Let’s discuss why you should use many job platforms.

These tools make it easier for recruiters to find candidates, save time, and do more work. Multi-posting platforms are an excellent tool for hiring managers seeking more candidates. Read on to learn more.

Multi-posting means putting your job ad on many job boards with one click. Recruiters use a program or software to distribute this type of job posting. This software makes creating ads on many job boards easy and automatic.

Research shows that 98% of Fortune 500 companies use software to help them find new employees. The software can help your organization identify quality workers in a competitive job market. But if you spend money on recruiting software, you must ensure you get the right one for your business.

Read on to find out the best features of recruitment management software and why you should have them.

1. Candidate Sources

A recruiter spends about a third of their week looking for one candidate. If you need to hire many people, this can slow down the process for your recruiter. The good news is that some recruitment agency software can help you find candidates.

Your career page, job boards, social media, and more can help you locate prospects. Recruitment ATS should total prospects from all these sources.

Recruiting software can count candidates via job postings, job boards, and other sources. The  job posting software can help you sort through all the applicants and organize them to find the best ones.

AI finds patterns well, making it a good candidate finder. After collecting all candidates’ data, you can use AI to find the best match for a position.

2. Streamlining Capabilities

The whole point of spending money on one of these software solutions is to save time. You don’t have to spend money on all the different ways to find people to hire. It’s better to buy one or two that will help you get things done.

An applicant tracking system (ATS) can help manage candidates and streamline operations.

Depending on your option, an ATS could also be a one-stop shop. From finding to employing, you might control candidates. If you still want to use AI software, make it easy to connect to your ATS, so you don’t have to do the same work twice.

3. Data Analytics

Any business, including recruitment, will enjoy data. Tracking and analyzing metrics will help your recruiting staff hire the top prospects. They’ll assess average applicants, offer acceptance rates, recruiting time, and successful candidates.

If you have this information, it will take you less time to combine it from different sources. Your business’ long-term success depends on improving your process with this knowledge.

For example, a recruiter might need help filling a specific job type. Then, they can use the tool to look at the data to determine why that might happen. They may find that their interview process needs to be shorter or more accessible. Or they need to look for the right kinds of people to hire. Or the salary they are offering may need to be higher.

Figure out what metrics are essential to your team before you look at different job distribution software. Then, look for solutions that will help you collect those data and metrics. Also, ensure that you can export the data in a report that is easy to read and understand.

4. Availability

Hiring is difficult since recruiters and candidates work various hours. It would help if you had anytime-use software. Company-managed solutions are sometimes unavailable.

When you find a solution that is always there, your staff can work when they are most productive. Because of this, recruiters will be able to work at any time and from anywhere. When hiring costs keep increasing, it’s essential to use every second.

5. Candidate Experience Enhancements

If mistreated, prospects may accept a job offer from a good-first-impression organization.

About 49% of people looking for a job would only accept a request if hired at the right time. Giving candidates a positive experience can boost your recruitment marketing and increase applicants.

There are many ways to hire people, but how will they help your screening process? Will it hurt candidates and the experience of being a candidate?

Does the way you hire give each applicant a fair chance? Does it take into account if a candidate has a disability? Is it easy for people to use?

But you should also find a solution that gives each candidate a unique experience. You want to make an applicant feel special after many interviews. But a recruiter would take too long to give each candidate a personalized experience.

6. Managing the relationship with applicants (CRM)

If you manage several candidates, your program needs a CRM component. To develop your talent pool, use your CRM to track prospects and stay in touch with them. When you can do this, your employer brand will improve.

You’ll need this trait if you want to be good at recruiting. Most ATS systems have it, but if you’re searching for an AI solution, find out if it comes with a CRM or works with yours.

7. Scalability

It is essential for all businesses, especially new ones that want to grow fast. It would help if you didn’t buy software that only works for one step of your business hiring needs.

As your hiring process proliferates, you should find a way to store more information in the cloud. You’ll want a solution not linked to a computer or server, so you can access it whenever possible.

As you need to hire more people, you can also use a tool like Recruiter.com to widen your search. For instance, you could perform one job search and then scale it up to hire 20 workers. It lets you govern your business and maximize recruiting solutions.

Now that we know what to look for in software for sending out many job postings, let’s see what else ATS recruitment software can do for us.

What Are the Benefits of Multi-Posting Job Posting Software?

1. Keep an accurate and efficient eye on the documents of your applicants.

How many people do you expect to apply for each job posting? Corporate job openings could get up to 250 resumes each.

With multi-posting tools, tracking candidates from many different places is much easier. Also, job distribution software stores all applicants’ paperwork from each employment site. It makes it easy to trace such paperwork.

The features listed above are the most important ones that you should look for in multi-posting job distribution software. It will help you choose the right one.

2. You can save time by making many posts.

Multi-posting tools can help recruiters reduce the time it takes to hire someone. As it saves time, you can focus on other recruiting initiatives to fill the job faster.

3. Access a variety of sources with the aid of job distribution tools.

Another benefit of employing job distribution tools is expanding your reach. They help you keep track of the job boards, so you can find people who have applied to your opening in different ways.

So, you won’t have to stick to one job board and will have a better chance of picking the best candidate from a larger pool.

4. Boost efforts to find sources.

Job board software combines job aggregators and internal job portals to find candidates. That’s a comfort since your recruiters would have to jump between multiple web programs or job aggregators to post, edit, or track jobs without it.

5. Simplify hiring.

Job board software enables recruiters to use cutting-edge HR tools more efficiently. The system represents recruiting facts, profiles, actions, and statuses in one place for the team to view.

In conclusion, recruiters can get a lot out of software that lets them post jobs more than once. It saves time, makes it easier to find qualified people, allows more people to see job postings, and makes the hiring process more open.

This program helps recruiters manage candidate applications and track sources. LogicMelon ATS, ATS UK, and Smart Recruitment Services are prominent tools for posting jobs worldwide. Each has its features to help with the hiring process. Investing in this software can help companies find, hire, and keep the best people.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What features are most relevant to companies that use staffing agencies?

  1. Advanced Search Options
  2. Job Board Integration
  3. VMS & ATS Automation
  4. One-Click Job Posting
  5. Customizable Workflow
  6. Candidate Management
  7. Robust Security
  8. Ease of Use
  9. Mobile Capability
  10. Email Integration
  11. Onboarding tools
  12. Analytics
  13. Automation of Recruiter and Sales Activities

2. Why do companies use multiple recruitment agencies?

Employers can find more prospects by working with multiple recruiting companies. Patent law recruiters may fit your candidate-seeking needs.

3. Why is it important to use multiple recruitment methods to increase the diversity of applicants?

By hiring people from different backgrounds, you can get other ideas to help your team work better. We all have preferences, often called biases, and we aren’t always aware of them.

Focus on finding your own biases so that they don’t get in the way of you making the best hiring decisions.

4. What is the most effective method of recruitment and why?

Job Boards and Job Ads

Job boards accelerate recruiting since they reach individuals worldwide and generate applications promptly. LinkedIn, Monster, and Indeed attract many people, helping smaller companies.

5. Why do most corporations hire recruiters?

When employing new staff, a recruitment agency is cheaper. Staffing firms handle all recruiting. Hence, recruitment companies save employers money on payroll and administration.

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