8 Common Myths And Facts About Dandruff!

by Sean Dixon

Dandruff is a common scalp condition. Still, many people are not fully aware of it. Most people believe in a variety of rumours associated with dandruff. As a result, most of those living in Bengaluru trust the thoughts and views of others more than the advice of the best dermatologists in HSR layout who are specialized in medical studies.

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If you are also experiencing dandruff issues and have been blindly believing the misconception associated with dandruff, it is crucial to read this blog. You should know that there can be many problems related to dandruff, a medical condition.

Let us tell you about common myths associated with dandruff and debunk them.

All kind of flakes is dandruff

This is not true at all. Most often, flakes arise due to dry skin on the scalp. Although it may seem just like dandruff, not all flakes are dandruff. Flakes are usually small in size and white in color. On the other hand, dandruff is larger and yellow. If you find flakes on your scalp, consult a best dermatologist in HSR layout and find the real cause behind it. You may not be aware of the fact that even psoriasis can appear like dandruff, which is a skin condition. The right advice at the right time can help you relieve quickly instead of using methods you may not be sure about.

Dandruff spreads from one person to another

This is one of the most common misconceptions about dandruff. You cannot catch dandruff from another person. It is a disease you only see by treating your scalp poorly.

Washing your hair daily can relieve dandruff

Contrary to popular belief, washing hair every day can take away the natural oil of your scalp and make it more dry and irritated. For that reason, avoid washing your hair every day.

Dandruff only occurs on the scalp

This is another common misconception many people believe. Although there is a higher probability of experiencing dandruff on the scalp, you can also find it on other parts of your body, such as the eyebrows, ears, and around the nose.

Dandruff occurs due to bad hygiene

Although regular shampooing can keep dandruff under control, it cannot always prevent because dandruff is caused due to various factors such as overproduction of hair oil, etc.

Dandruff worsens in summers

Another common misconception that many people believe in is that dandruff can occur in summer and gets worse over time. The truth is that people are more prone to dandruff-related problems in colder seasons because the weather is dry, and people tend to eat a lot of full-fat products, spicy and sugary foods. All these things can also aggravate the problem of dandruff.

Dandruff causes hair fall

Somehow, dandruff and hair fall are both related to each other. However, dandruff is not the only real culprit behind your hair fall. Dandruff makes you scratch your head which leads to breakage. The main cause of hair fall is anxiety, diet, and the health of your scalp. If you want to discuss various hair loss problems, make sure to get in touch with the skin care clinic in HSR layout Bangalore.

You should never exfoliate your scalp.

This is another common myth that many people believe about dandruff. It is beneficial to apply an exfoliating scalp mask to remove any flakes and increase the recovery of your skin cells on the scalp. However, stay away from DIY scalp exfoliators that contain sea salt as the key ingredient. The salty composition of the DIY scalp exfoliator can irritate your skin and worsen your condition.

Hope we have debunked common misconceptions that you may have related to dandruff and hair problems. If you are also experiencing dandruff and are tired of dealing with it, you can get in touch with a skincare clinic in Bangalore.

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