8 Dark Anime Series List!

by Glenn Maxwell

All anime enthusiasts search for different genres which are manifested in gritty, cutting-edge, no-nonsense tales which have you wanting increasingly more. And believe to choose the dark imaginary world with magnificently directed and performed anime?

Dark anime uses clever plotlines and skilled animation to create the unknown within the psyche of their protagonists and figures. Therefore, delving in to the lesser-understood facets of the psyche with anime could ‘t be one for that average person.

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Not everybody has got the taste or stomach for any dark anime, with unnecessary figures and dystopian plotlines. However, if the does seem like something you might want to consider, continue reading to uncover the very best 8 dark anime to increase your watchlist!

op 8 Dark Anime Series

Dark anime series aren’t PG-rated and therefore are frequently meant for a mature audience with specific viewer discretion. All of the factors that encompass a dark anime series include from supernatural entities, to advanced and disconnected human societies and also the horrors which exist inside the human mind.

This can be a stark contrast from animes like Naruto Shippuden, but because of the winning attitude and approach, could make for amusing and fascinating watches!

Probably the most recognized and appreciated dark animes series of times include:

Naoki Urasawa’s Monster

Monster follows the accounts of brain surgeon Kenzo Tenma, who’s believing that a “ghost” accounts for certain inexplicable murders. Occur the age of Publish The Second World War in Germany, the brilliant portrayal from the psychopath within the show makes mtss is a gritty watch out for individuals searching to invest their weekends inside having a dark anime series. Shedding light around the politics which happen in hospitals, Monster goes on the journey in to the more dark side from the soul.

Even considered a suspense thriller, the plot from the anime develops gradually and continuously before culminating inside a turn of occasions which will have you ever shocked and you close to your seat!

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Shiki is really a supernatural anime with horror and thriller factors that may have you hooked in the first episode. Occur the village of Sotoba which has a population strength of 1300, the storyline involves numerous bizarre deaths that begin occurring over the village. Around the same time frame, a household of unknown origins shifts in to the abandoned mansion that stands its grounds in the area.

The dean from the hospital Toshio Ozaki tries his hardest to look for the reason for deaths within the village, but because investigations continue, one factor becomes apparent – the village is under attack by supernatural beings.

Dying Note

Dying Note centers around Light Yagami who’s students with impeccable potential who eventually stumbles upon a magazine known as ‘Death Note.’ This can be a book that were held with a Dying God (known as Shinigami). Determined to produce a world that’s 100% free from all crooks and villains, Light Yagami begins writing what they are called of crooks within the book – making them drop dead one by one.

By having an ending that will have you ever wondering what just happened, Dying Note is a superb anime for individuals searching look around the grittier side of human instinct.

Mirai Nikki

Yukiteru may well be a character that millennials will resonate with. Frequently selecting to invest time writing a diary on his mobile phone, the protagonist rejects multiple purports to spend more time with his buddies. He believes he comes with an imaginary friend named Deus Ex Machina. But on the specific eventful day, Deus shows that Yukiteru play a game title together with 11 others. The champion from the game becomes the following Deus and contestants want to use their diaries to get rid of others in the equation.

An action-packed, supernatural anime that you could watch on the lazy night, Mirai Nikki tests how much people are prepared to visit achieve what they really want.

Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance)

This dark anime series starts with an abrupt terrorist explosive device blast that strikes Tokyo, japan, that is performed by 2 youthful boys who make reference to themselves as Sphinx. They proceed to produce a game that can take within the entire of Japan, shedding a lot of light on humans within the constant fight between nature and nurture.

Using the protagonists seeking recognition via chaos and terrorism, this can be a series that highlights the gray between your pros and cons. If this sounds like something in which you’re interested, possibly even befuddles you – do consider giving this series a go!


If you’re somebody that enjoys watching hauntings relating to students and classrooms, this really is choice for you! The storyline involves a well known student of sophistication 3-3 around 1972 who died in the center of the college year. Following her dying, the city is shrouded within an atmosphere of darkness and secrets. The storyline then fasts forward 26 years, when Kouichi Sakakibara is used in exactly the same classroom and finds out the gloom that’s haunting the city.

Attracted towards the mysterious Mei Misaki, Kouichi begins finding the reality behind the encounters that students of sophistication 3-3 happen to be getting. Consider using a couple cosplay to boost your experience with this dark anime!

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God Eater

An action-packed anime with demonic appearances and supernatural phenomena, God Eater surrounds Japan around 2071 where the earth has been destroyed through the Aragami – a mysterious number of monsters. To combat the Aragami, a company named Fenrir is produced which utilizes weapons that are manufactured from cells from the monster. Individuals who try to eliminate these monsters are known as God Eaters.

Because of the action and drama that is part of this show, consider putting aside a great 2-3 nights’ price of binge-watching hrs to achieve the entire experience with finding yourself in this advanced and harmful world.

The Ghost Search

Lastly, The Ghost Search involves Mai Taniyama who enjoys discussing ghost tales together with her buddies who merge pathways with Kazuya Shibuya that has been delivered to investigate paranormal happenings occurring inside a haunted school. Having a penchant to get into trouble, Mai Taniyama finds herself inside a harmful situation where she’s then saved by Kazuya’s assistant. This leads to the assistant’s dying and Kazuya demands that Mai dominate as his assistant and help with paranormal investigations.

A mixture of Shoukoujo, horror, the protagonist, and mystery, The Ghost Search is a superb anime for individuals searching to go in the genre of dark shows!

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