A Wire Spooling Machine Help Cable Distributors Conserve Hours

by Carter Toni

The wire spooling Machine is a wire looping equipment that can help you save time and money by reducing wire waste.Reel in drop-off wire and prepare spools for project locations using the wire spooling machine.

Reel Power Industrial can supply a hire variety of wire spooling machine up to 150Te capacity, delivered on short notice, and can also provide employees to run spooling devices in any location.

Wire Spooling Machine help cable distributors in saving hours

Wire and cable wholesalers can handle orders of any size. For the largest of these, industry-standard equipment results in significant efficiency losses, as well as increased respooling difficulty due to the weight and size of the reels themselves. The solution is an overhead, wire spooling machine.

Wire Spooling Machine

Take-up wire spooling machines with and without shafts are available on the market.

Operators must retrieve a take-up spool or a reel from storage and set it on the machine’s reel, which is attached to the flanges and turns the spool using a rotary motor. The reel arm elevates the reel from the ground level, either manually or through motorised lift controls.

Shaftless spooling systems use tiny pegs on rotating pivot arms to capture reels, eliminating the need for shafts. In every other regard, they’re similar to their shafted counterparts. A motor rotates the reel connecting point, which causes the reel to spin.

On roll-through, gantry, and single-sided take-up systems, users must move heavy objects at the same angle to the surface. In any event, each approach has the same drawback in terms of setup time: the user must carry and load the wire spooling.

Consider how difficult it is to move cable reels and spools inside a facility, and you can see why this may be a major inefficiency.

What Is Spool In Wire Spooling Machine?

Each wire and cable in the design must be made from a preset spool. A wire or cable is given a unique name as well as a set of parameters and values when it is built. The spool is saved in the schematic file.

Spools have a finite number of required parameters. You can include standard optional parameters as well as custom-defined informative parameters in the spool specification.

Machines for spooling cables and the Industrial Internet of Things

The SWT-IIoT model from Spool Winding Trolleys contains a cloud software package with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) capabilities. Operators can observe these commands thanks to the associated touchscreen human-machine interface (HMI).

An emergency stop allows users to digitally switch off the instrument, while a cable length counter with a digital LCD provides exact measurement for flawless order fulfilment. The IIoT application keeps track of every time eStop is invoked. Managers may utilise this relationship to measure productivity in innovative ways while also avoiding illicit use. The length-counter may be used in conjunction with external cloud-based IIoT analytics tools to track inventory payment in real time. Furthermore, customised reporting provides decision-makers with the data they need to continuously improve operations.

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