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by Carter Toni

Habits change into character. -Ovid 

Building a character out of a human body is not a day’s job. It is reflected through upbringing done since the age of 3, and it makes a difference to the whole lifestyle of an individual. Parents are the first teacher of children; they can introduce them to good habits which come with a disciplined lifestyle. The presence of these elements can build concrete characters. At the same time, selecting the right preschool for your children can maintain such manners for a lifetime.

For example, your child copies the characteristics of an animated character they watch on television because it is what they learn from their daily routine.

A routine can be a changing phenomenon in someone’s life; we have all come across the fact as an adult that if there is no routine in your daily life, it becomes boring to live without a goal. The future of our children also determines the future of our country, treating people, moral values etc. are been inherited since birth.

In the same routine manner our preschool activities work, whatever they learn in the classroom schedule plays a significant role in moulding their future. In this early childhood education, it is noteworthy that you and your child’s preschool work as parenting partners. So, both can contribute to building a solid base for their education & wisdom. It is essential to observe your child’s mannerisms what they follow because these small things will construct their behavior & principle.

Nowadays, parents face a problem in following the preschooler’s homeschool Schedule, the reason being the irregular sleeping patterns of children. Sticking to their bedtime schedule can solve this concern because it will correct your child’s sleep habits, and they will wake up on time for their homeschooling classes. Putting simple discipline can rectify everybody’s timetable at home as you did at a time of conventional school program. Your one-day leniency can disturb the whole sleeping arrangement of the child. Thus, it is better to pay attention to these details to bring back the routine into their life. Otherwise, it will be tough to adapt to the accustomed routine when they start formal schools.

If you want to get the homeschool schedule ideas, you can follow a few points. These tasks are frequently incorporated into the daily routines of preschool:

Choice Time: There is reason to put it first on this list. Choice time play routine is an essential element of early childhood development, so make sure to schedule enough time for child-directed play in your schedule.

Activities Time-Singing songs and rhymes, reading stories, learning letters, phonemic awareness activities, prewriting activities, and oral vocabulary activities are all examples. Several times a day, we read books or dance together.

Group Time-This can be an informal talk of your routine and various activities done through play and daily calendar activities to discuss the days of the week, the weather, and counting that help in math.

Playing Outside– Daily routine should include Snacks, meals, and relaxation time.

As per this daily routine yearly planner updates on preschool websites so that parents will know in advance about day-to-day activities.

The planner includes fun & educational activities like:

  • Crafts
  • Science Investigations and Experiments
  • Cooking
  • Pretend Play
  • Dancing
  • Acts of Kindness and many more.

Everyone should consider one more thing during the classroom schedule: most preschoolers would not sit for longer than 20 -30 minutes in a sitting activity. It’s a good idea to alternate activity and seated times.

When you look for an online preschool, you can ask about their school hours & home school schedule to understand what your child will experience or learn daily. It is very urgent to check the preschool background and authenticity before admission thoroughly.

Homeschool schedule by grade according to that, our curriculum team creates a homeschool schedule in advance for each class. It helps the parents to arrange the items needed during the class activities. It will keep them relaxed and ready at school time also excite the children about class. We answer all your questions without any ambiguity also offer a free trial class for your children that helps you to understand our methods practically.

How many hours a day should you homeschool? Is the question that pops up in every parent’s mind creating confusion among parents. Two to three hours are enough for regular preschools, but for the online class schedule, 30-45 minutes, two sessions are enough for the homeschooling child. However, children’s span of attention is not more than a minute. Studies say a 2-year-old may be able to concentrate on a task for up to 10 minutes. Hence there is no logic to the extent of 1-hour class for a preschooler. It is not healthy for a child to sit in front of a screen that long; gaps are critical between homeschooling classes. This easy homeschool schedule is a great way to usher your child’s life into a routine.

Footprints Education offer the environment that can cultivate great habits in your children. It will lead them to become decent human beings along with rock-solid personalities.

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