Australian police shoot man dead after stabbings in Pilbara

by Carter Toni

Five everyone was hurt within the attack in the South Hedland Square center, a couple of these questions serious condition.

Australian police shoot man dead

Witnesses told local media they saw a guy waving “an excellent big knife” at shoppers and police officials, before hearing screaming and bangs.

WA Premier Mark McGowan known as it “a tragic and awful group of occasions”.

“He’s been tasered by police, that did not stop him. He lunged at police officials after which he was shot by police officials,” the Australian Broadcasting Corporation quoted Mr McGowan as saying.

Police stated there wasn’t any ongoing threat to public safety and therefore are appealing that people come forward with any video evidence. There’s been no suggestion the incident was terror related.

“I saw this person swinging an excellent big knife only at that lady who’d your child within the trolley,” Shelley Farquhar stated.

“He then threw in the towel on her behalf and arrived, since i was there, and it was swinging at me.”

Pilbara District Police confirmed the person who died was “individual who was engaged by police, and that he received a gunshot wound”.

“Police will investigate conditions surrounding how these folks received the injuries,” they stated inside a statement.

South Hedland is the suburbs within the rural Pilbara region of Wa. Many people in the region operate in mining and related industries.

The dead man, who is not identified, was as reported by several witnesses to possess been putting on a higher-vis jacket.

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