Best Mobile spy app for android phone 2021

by Carter Toni

Are you worried about kid’s online safety? Do you want to know what employees are up to on business-owned Android phones? Spy apps enable users to spy on cell phones without their knowledge. You may think of having the best mobile spy app in the business these days, but tough to get your hands on it. Android spy is a tool that empowers you to spy on messages, chat, call social media, location, voice calls, and browsing history of your target device to the fullest. You can download the monitored data at any point in time using the dashboard of spy applications for android.

You can find out dozens of apps for android monitoring on the web, but you need to have the best of the best in 2021. We have answered all of your questions. We are introducing you to the one that has become a trademark of spy apps for mobile devices.

I hope it will worth your time and money for sure. Let’s talk about its best phone spy for android briefly, its features, OS support, price, usage, and many more things below!

What is the best spying software for android phones?

TheOneSpy is the hallmark of spy apps for android, and you can use it to do surveillance on your kid’s and employees’ phones connected to cyberspace. Moreover, it can monitor your partner to know what he is doing cellphone. It is reliable and worthy buying monitoring software for mobile devices.

It is non-rooted and hidden spying software that enables users to spy on someone’s phone secretly. It is easy to use because of its user-friendliness and provides you real-time results via its secure online dashboard. However, the complete version of its features makes it a spy-mine tool. You can control and spy on every activity on the target device without the target’s knowledge.

Regardless of what sort of cellphone your target person using TheOneSpy is compatible with all android OS versions. All features are sneaky and non-rooted makes it the most reliable and efficient monitoring gizmo for android phones in 2021. It has dozens of features, like call recording, bugging, GPS tracker, internet history, social media spy, password cracker, and many more.

The Top 5 things make it worth buying Android spy

Here are the things that make it one of the best spy solutions for cellphones and tablet devices that everyone need to know.

  • It is non-rooted spying application for mobile
  • It is hidden on the phone while working
  • It remains undetectable because of temper proof quality
  • It is the best mobile spy for digital parenting
  • It is cheap but effective and packs with 250+ tools
  • It is easy to install on the target device
  • Pack with secure online dashboard to operate it form anywhere

Top Features of Mobile spy software for Android

TheOneSpy android spy app has the most powerful and advanced spying tools that every parent and employer needs to know. Here are the following features that you need to know are given below.

Read messages

Users can access sent and received messages on android devices using the best mobile spying software. End users can read messages using text messaging spy remotely. Parents can read messages of teens and get to know to whom they are sending and receiving messages.

Browsing history

End-users can access the cell phone browser history and spy on visited websites with the timestamp. Moreover, track bookmarked websites and webpages to know the frequent activities of your kids on android phone browsers.

GPS location tracking

You can monitor and track cellphone GPS location using the mobile spy app on the target device. It enables users to track real-time location, location history, route map, location without GPS, and location monitoring using SMS. Parents can use the feature and know about the hidden whereabouts of teens secretly to protect them from inappropriate activities.

Password cracker

End users can spy on android mobile without them knowing and crack passwords, like home screen passwords, digit passwords, and pattern passwords. It enables employers to know what kinds of passwords employees have used on business mobiles and tablet devices.

Record phone surrounds

Users can access the mobile device and take over the microphone secretly. The surround recording app empowers you to listen to the voice, sounds, and chats of android phone surroundings. You can record and listen to the mobile surroundings.


It is one of the most worth buying features of mobile spying software because it can singlehandedly let you know about the activities of your target device. It can connect the target phone cameras to the android spy web control panel, and users can watch live streaming of target device surroundings. Parents can use it to watch kid’s surroundings to know what they are doing secretly with peers at school.

Social media messenger spy

The social media spying app is the best tool for the mobile spy. It brings social network activity logs at your disposal without root. Users can read messages, chat, voice calls, voice messages, shared and media files. Parents can use it to protect teens from stranger danger and cyber predators. It also monitors teen’s media sharing activities and listens to voice calls.

TheOneSpy mobile spy compatibility:

It is compatible with cellphone and tablets of all popular mobile phone brands running with android OS. It supports Android OS version 5.0 up to version 11.0.

Packages and plans

The mobile spy app has multiple plans for cellphones and offers Xlite and Premium editions. Xlite has a limited set of features, and it may require rooting for few messaging apps, but the premium version has many features and you don’t need to root the target device.

  • Xlite Edition is for $6.25
  • Premium Edition is for $12.5


TheOneSpy is undoubtedly is the best mobile spy app for android phones in 2021. Employers can use it for the surveillance of employee’s business phones during working hours.

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