Best Press Release Distribution Services In 2022

by James Martin


Do you want the most exemplary press release service for your company? We’ve analyzed the finest small company PR distributors for 2021, and we can help you pick which service is appropriate for your LLC or sole proprietorship. It might be challenging to cut through the clutter and locate the finest press release distribution service with so many options available. So we did the legwork and compared over 30 of the best press release distribution service. We reduced it down to the top press release distribution services based on features, services, and value for money.

Our suggestions

For the most pleasing overall value and SEO services, we recommend SiteTrail. It boasts the most extensive media list, limitless monthly packages to help you scale up, SEO assistance, and some of the fastest writing and PR distribution services available.

  • EIN The most cost-effective option is Presswire. It uses its global distribution network to provide same-day delivery.
  • When it comes to reaching out to journalists, eReleases is an excellent option. It collaborates with a network of journalists and employs an industry-specific strategy.
  • PRWeb is a reliable cloud-based solution. It provides extensive web reports on press releases for corporations.
  • For new enterprises, we recommend Newswire. It boasts an extensive network of major media outlets and a well-received service.
  • For local, state, and national targeting, PR Newswire is the ideal option. It provides specialized distribution services based on a company’s requirements.

EIN Presswire is the most cost-effective option.

Our next favorite is this firm specializing in global, SEO-friendly press release delivery. It also keeps track of best press release distribution service, and monitors the media.

There are a few options when it comes to distributing a press release. To submit a press release, go to EIN Presswire and select “Submit Release.” After that, choose a package and check out.


  • Small company pricing that is affordable
  • Distribution of hyper-targeted press releases
  • Distribution across the world

The low pricing of EIN Presswire is one of the reasons we give it such a good rating for PR dissemination. Even though it does not have any evaluations on Trustpilot or other credible rating sites, it has many positive client testimonials on its website.

Online press release distribution services

Journalists, news sites, websites, bloggers, social networks, media influencers, and wire services may benefit from eReleases’ tailored best press release distribution service.. They give extensive distribution information and optimize news releases for all major search engines.

PRWeb is an excellent cloud-based option. Another favorite is this firm, which specializes in internet services. It can assist you in getting your press releases seen online and reaching a large audience.

The following features stand out:

  • The distribution that is highly targeted
  • To target, there are 700,000 journalists and a 1.7 million-contact database.
  • A minimum of 400 words is required.
  • Syndication to more than 5,000 websites, databases, online services, television, radio, trade journals, and journalists who subscribe
  • One to three industry and state-specific targeted lists
  • Reporting on analytics (however, data is limited compared to competitors)
  • For an extra charge, you may attach two photos.
  • Distribution the following day
  • Exposure to 90 to more than 150 websites is guaranteed.

Best for New Businesses: Newswire

For new enterprises, we recommend Newswire. Another favorite is this company, which assists emerging enterprises in spreading the word. It also provides writing services; however, the costs and fees can mount up quickly if you’re not careful.

What is the price of a press release? Here’s a short rundown of what Newswire has to offer:

  • Newswire Digital ($199) — Includes distribution to Newswire’s digital network, complete analytics, and a 500-word article with six hyperlinks, a picture, video, and an industry list. Newswire Digital Plus ($449) —This includes distribution to Newswire’s enlarged digital network, complete analytics, visibility reports, a two-tier editorial process, a 500-word article with six hyperlinks, a picture, and video and an industry list.
  • Newswire State ($499) — Includes distribution to Newswire’s expanded digital network and state-specific media outlets, as well as social media marketing, detailed analytics and visibility reports, a two-tier editorial process, a 500-word article with six hyperlinks, an image, video, and an industry list.

Newswire Nationwide ($799) — Includes distribution to Newswire’s enlarged digital network as well as national distribution to all 50 states, complete analytics, and visibility reports, a two-tier editorial process, a 500-word article with six hyperlinks, a picture, a video, and an industry list.

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