Betting on sport with cryptocurrency

by Carter Toni

In 2022, digital assets have many uses. Coins and tokens are used even by bookmakers. Some allow customers to only make deposits, while others allow customers to place bets in Bitcoin (for example, table tennis betting with Bitcoin ) and other cryptocurrency. Digital assets enable the bookmaker to bypass jurisdictional restrictions and accept bets where the regulator blocks bank transfers.

Criteria for choosing a crypto bookmaker

Beginners can spend hours searching for the right sports betting site. This is due to the lack of knowledge about the nuances of the offices. We advice you to choose crypto bookmakers according to the following criteria:

  • Type of crypto service provided.
  • Possibility to bet with digital assets. Not all platforms support this feature.
  • Security level. Investments for betting must be well protected.
  • Presence of bonuses and gifts. This is an optional criterion.
  • Variety of sports. The more their number, the better.
  • The number of available crypto assets. Many clients are satisfied with Bitcoin support. But there are more convenient coins. Check out top USDT sports betting sites.
  • Responsiveness of technical support. Without this quality, it is difficult to trust any platform.
  • Convenience of the interface. This requirement is optional.
  • The size of the coefficients. The larger it is, the higher the potential profit.

Benefits of crypto betting

According to unofficial data, crypto bets now account for less than 1% of the betting market (2022). However, with the growing popularity of digital currency, this share will inevitably grow. Consider the main advantages of using Bitcoin and other altcoins for sports betting.

No limits

Almost all crypto bookmakers have no limits on the amount of bets and payments. This allows professional cappers to play for impressive amounts. For example, in legal Russian bookmakers, the maximum bet amount does not exceed 2-3 million rubles, and then only on events with the prefix top. You can bet on sports with cryptocurrency for much larger amounts.

Low fees

In most bookmakers, for payments using digital currency, a commission is provided in the range of 1-2%. Yes, in legal Russian offices there is no commission at all, with the exception of payments through mobile commerce (in this case, the fees are charged directly by the operators). However, winnings in all TsUPIS BC are subject to 13% income tax. Therefore, the conditions of cryptobookmakers look very favorable.


This advantage applies exclusively to bookmakers on the blockchain. When playing in such betting shops, users do not provide personal information. Payments made cannot be traced, because they are produced through smart contracts.

Transaction speed

In most cases, payments in crypto BC are made instantly. This is due to the lack of intermediary organizations. For example, transactions in legal bookmakers of the Russian Federation are made through the Unified TSUPIS. As a result, due to the presence of an intermediary, the process of making payments slows down significantly, because. TsUPIS checks each operation.

High security

When playing in crypto-bookmakers, the probability of theft of personal information by third parties is reduced to zero. When making payments, no bank card data is used, so transactions are absolutely safe for bettors.

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