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What is The Big Book of Facts and Statistics that Salespersons and Marketers should know?

It is an eBook that shares relevant facts and statistics from all reputed, trusted experts from all over the world. This eBook tells about the state of marketing as on date. This eBook also tells about the ways the technologists, salespeople and marketers should relate in the current marketplace.

This eBook is by Free Sales and Marketing Magazines and needs to be downloaded by the interested readers. This eBook tells the readers about the key themes on various sub topics. These sub topics include email marketing, data analytics, trends in social media marketing and marketing through social media, lead personalization, creation of contents, content marketing, blogging, website management, marketing automation, sales and marketing alignment, the evolution of CRM, online privacy, security, understanding the future of marketing and video production etc.

How this eBook is helpful to its readers?

This eBook is a powerful tool that helps the salespersons and marketers to reshape their perspectives. These professionals become aware of the current marketing state and can very well understand the future of the marketing state, to adapt them to that situation and act accordingly. This eBook helps the salespersons and the marketers to evolve their techniques of marketing through this evolution of technology. The salespersons and the marketers will be able to develop their expertise in their respective fields through this eBook.

The Subtopics dealt in this eBook for sales persons and marketers

Content Marketing

Content creation is the most important part of content marketing. It has recorded most reported increase over last one year, by about 56%. 93% of the very successful business organizations are committed to content marketing and 72% of them measure their Return on Investment on content marketing. 82% of these organizations create sophisticated and mature contents for marketing. 73% of these organizations have built loyalty with their customers through content marketing. 76% of these organizations use content marketing to nurture audiences, leads and subscribers. 93% of the B2B companies get more leads through content marketing than traditional marketing strategies.

Email Marketing

It is expected that the number of Email users will be around 4.3 billion by the year 2022. 81% of business organizations of different sizes rely on emails as a tool of their customer contact and engagement. 82% emails are welcome emails. 49% of the emails are opened in mobile devices.


Blogging is number one priority for 53% of marketers. The 75% B2B marketers are more likely to use blogs in their social media contents. 61% B2C marketers do the same. It is observed that blog articles with images get 94% more views than blogs without images. B2B companies get 67% more leads by using blogs than those companies who do not use blogs.


Websites are the backbone of business. 50% of the potential sales are lost because of users cannot find information they want and 38% users stop engaging with an unattractive website. The users stay for just 10 seconds on a page and 47% of users expect a page to load in 2 seconds. 39% users stop visiting a website if it takes too long to load. 40% of users switch to other search results if the first one is not mobile friendly.

Video Marketing

Online video contents are viewed by 85% of the viewers on multiple devices every month. The video marketers get 66% more qualified leads every year as 72% people prefer videos to learn about a product.

Data Analytics

Data + Analytics is more preferred by High performing marketers as they expect to increase their sales by 64%. 54% of marketers enjoy a free and open flow of customer data between them and their sales teams. 53% of them share common goals and metrics.

Lead Nurturing

The professionals and conscious marketers use lead nurturing as a time tested tactics to have more high quality opportunities into sales prospects that converts more in closed sales. Lead nurturing helps a marketer to create value. It also helps in building trust and to make the brand more prominent.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an effective tool that provides ease of use to the marketers. It is considered by a 86% of marketers as the most important factor while evaluating a marketing automation tool.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

It is a very important tool for the success of sales and marketing work. Most of the sales and marketing professional do not have the requisite data for sales and marketing alignment.

Evolution of CRM

About one fourth of the sales persons and the marketers are still unaware of Customer Relationship Management. 13% of the organizations consider CRM as their top priority. 65% of the companies have a prescribed CRM system. CRM software is in high demand among the business organizations now.

Online Privacy and Security

It is extremely important aspect of marketing and sales as 73% of cyber attacks are done for economic reasons and 93% of data breaches happen within minutes, out of those 83% remain untraceable.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is now the most powerful platform for marketing. Facebook has 97% of social advertisements with 2 billion global users and YouTube has 40% of them. Instagram has 2 billion likes every day. Social Media marketing has proved to be the largest source of inspiration for consumer purchases. It is the key marketing strategy for 80% of the marketers.

Future of Marketing

Technology evolution is going to take place in the future that is going to affect the marketing and sales also. Contents will prove to be number one way to reach to the target audience. Social media marketing, email marketing and marketing automation tools will have its evolution in time to come. But Personalization will be the number one rule to develop permanent customer relation. Customer experience is going to be of supreme value in providing a marketing experience. The future customer will care more about the greater good and the brands will have to review their marketing strategies.

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