How to Boost Social Media Feed – Easy Tips and Tricks

by Carter Toni

Social media has become one of the most important global tools, during the evolution of information and communication technology, for over the period of past twenty years or so. The invention and introduction of World Wide Internet services has totally revolutionized the information and communication technology.

Social media has also become one of the most used and powerful communication media for people around the world. Social media is now an unavoidable instrument for communicating personal, commercial, institutional, social profiles and related information to the audience of the entire world.

Because of the advantages provided by Social media, to the user, it is now put to use by the maximum population of the world for exchange of information and for communicating through internet. But Social media has some of its disadvantages too, which has recently made social media a controversial subject.

Social media has helped the global population immensely by helping them make communication easier and convenient. Communication through social media is now beyond the limits of distance. It has also helped in improving the social life of people of the world. There is always the need of having better means and ways to boost social media feed, by the ardent social media users. You can try some of the given tips and tricks to boost your social media feed.

Use of Facebook, as one of most popular social media platforms

Facebook is now the most popular social media platforms, used by maximum number of people, all around the world. This Facebook is the most easy means of communication for all. Facebook has made the standards and levels of communication even better. The users are allowed to share images, photographs, videos on this social media platform. The users can also post their comments, write news, articles and blogs in Facebook. The users can view every other user’s personal information on this social media platform. Facebook has now become the most popular social media platform, having a global user’s count of about Five Hundred Million accounts.

Use of social media platforms has become a current social trend. Social media platforms are used for sharing information and for communicating with each other or in groups, by people in all walks of life. The users have invented or discovered some amazing tricks in shooting videos and pictures that forces the users to look twice at them, while they scroll through their social media accounts.

You can use following tricks to boost your social media feeds

1. Keep turning your phone 360 degrees and ask your subjects to jump upwards simultaneously. You will yourself be surprised by the magic done by your phone in this trick

Turning your phone 360 degrees

(Image: © 5.min.crafts)

2. You can create illusions by shooting your subjects from head to toe and raise your phone simultaneously higher. You can show another person reacting to the first person’s action in that image. This helps creating a thought of parallel universe.

Illusion trick. Shoot

(Image: © 5.min.crafts)

3. You can take some unusual jump shots by circling around the jumping subject.

Unusual jump shot

(Image: © 5.min.crafts)

4. You can create the effects of rain dance by using an umbrella and a bottle of water, fixed on the top of the umbrella that pours water over the umbrella.

Artificial rain

(Image: © 5.min.crafts)

5. You can create a Kiki dance challenge by using a broken car door. You do not need your car for this.

Kiki dance challenge

Forbes states that there are about one billion social media accounts, throughout this world. These accounts are in almost every country in this world. Facebook alone has about Five Hundred million user’s accounts. Social media platforms have helped the global mankind to be connected with each other as never before.

You also need to be aware of the means to have an improved presence in your social media platform. The social platform Twitter alone has 335 million users. There are about one billion users on Instagram. Similar number of users is on LinkedIn. People hanging on different social media platforms can easily be associated with each other and it is a tremendous idea to improve business.

You must know the tips and tricks to increase number of your followers on your social media platforms also.

1. You have to use the correct tools

You have to frequently post your posts on your social media platform at the optimal times, to make your presence felt on that platform. This may be up to fifteen times a day, in case of commercial posts.

2. You have to be focused on your targeted audience

Social media platforms are now in optimum use for interaction among your targeted audience. It is customer service, in case of commercial organizations. Social media is now the most popular platform to interact with each other or get help of any kind, in fastest time possible. You can even create chat boxes in your Facebook account, to interact with your followers.

3. You have to promote your social media accounts

No one is interested in your social media accounts, as they are not aware of your accounts. You need to tell everyone about your social media accounts, to make them follow you. You have to start promoting your social media accounts to your targeted audience. You need to add social media icons to your site. You can add social media feeds to your sidebar. You may contact people and tell them to follow you on your social media platforms.

4. You should be conscious of what is trending

You must piggyback on popular social media trends. This will help to bring your profile before millions of new users. You be on the top by just remaining alert about what is going on around. Look for what hashtags you can use to get maximum views.

5. You have to focus on eye catching visuals

You have to stand out in the crowd. You can do it by focusing on eye catching visuals. You share images with your audience that will catch their attention.

6. You have to actively remain engaged with your audience

You have to be responsive to be actively visible on your social platforms. You must respond to the messages sent by your followers immediately, to remain in touch with them. You can like their comments as a token of your appreciation.

You can use these tips and tricks to boost social media feed, to have your best time on social media platform. You become more noticed, more popular and are able to have a loyal audience around your social media platform.

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