Building an International Brand? 6 Benefits of Global Branding

by Carter Toni

Why stop at achieving success in a single market when you can leverage the buzz your business has created to explore new realms internationally or even worldwide? Thanks to the wonders of the Internet age, it’s become more accessible than ever for companies to transcend traditional borders and break into foreign markets.

There are many advantages to expanding your company’s presence—and that of its vital branding elements—into international territory.

How to build an international brand

First and foremost, you’ll want to take the time to pinpoint your probable customer base, just like you did when first getting your enterprise off the ground. Having an idea of who will be using your products or services in their new segment will aid you in every phase of the commercial process, from R&D to mass marketing.

You should also be prepared to tweak your current branding elements to accommodate differing consumer values and preferences. This adjustment includes things like:

  • The names of your products
  • The conceptual themes associated with your company
  • The presentation of proprietary images and slogans
  • The locations of your stores, factories, and warehouses

Finally, it’s a good idea to use a virtual office. A multi-functional virtual office setup will make it easier for you to stay on top of communication, and other crucial administrative tasks, all of which will tremendously simplify the demanding project of running a business from abroad. These office setups may come complete with a local phone, fax, and address, so you’ll have the groundwork for building your reputation amongst locals ready to go.

A stronger reputation

Having a solid reputation is just as critical as having a desirable product, if not more so. The majority of consumers are willing to pay more for products they perceive as trustworthy, and that trust begins with recognition. Invest into your marketing and customer service departments to bolster this element of your branding.

Better products and services

Responding to feedback from a more significant number of customers across numerous languages and geographical lines will help you refine your various offerings. Ultimately, both your product and your company will end up better for it.

Lower production costs

As you continue to perfect your formulae, you’ll begin finding ways to facilitate, streamline, and reprioritize. More often than not, the result will be superior products that cost less to make.

Protection against risk

Operating in more than one market is a surefire way to mitigate the negative consequences of unforeseeable events like demand drop-off, logistical hiccups, declines in spending power, and natural disasters.

Competitive advantage

Running a venture on multiple fronts is a masterclass in flourishing in the business world. The knowledge you gain will only give you a leg up as you seek to further your influence in your home market.

Increased market share

Last but certainly not least, the more places you offer your goods or services, the more money you ultimately stand to make from them—provided you make the right moves.

Final thoughts

Your company’s potential reach is only as great as the scope of your vision. With careful planning, even more careful analysis, and an ever-adaptable approach to meeting consumers’ needs, there’s no limit to the places you can go.

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