China issues alert warning against travel to Australia: Report

by Carter Toni

China has issued a travel alert warning its citizens not to go to Australia as a result of significant rise in racist attacks on Asian and Chinese people, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported.

China issues alert warning against travel

Chinese People Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the statement on Friday, saying the alleged attacks came in the aftermath in the coronavirus pandemic, ABC News reported.

The warning is the latest symbol of deteriorating relations between Australia and its particular largest trading partner after Prime Minister Scott Morrison led requires an independent probe about the origins of the coronavirus in Wuhan. Australia is regarded as the China-reliant economy within the developed world, leaving it at risk of diplomatic blowback.

The warning comes after Australia announced a tricky new screening regime on foreign investors planning to buy sensitive assets since it bids to bolster national security. energy, Telecommunications, technology and defense-manufacturing companies will likely be in the zero-dollar threshold for screening.

Modifications, supposed to have been legislated this current year and enforced from Jan. 1, would include a different national security test and present the treasurer last-resort powers to make asset sales. Beijing responded with verbal attacks in the conservative government, saying it turned out doing the bidding of key ally the U.S.

New tariffs on Australian barley plus a ban on beef from four meatworks have raised fears in Canberra how the Chinese government is applying “economic coercion” in retaliation.

Its diplomatic ties with China were already under stress, before Australia’s calls for a probe into the origins of the coronavirus. Authorities cited Beijing’s “meddling” into national affairs being a catalyst for the anti-foreign interference laws passed in 2018, the exact same year it banned Huawei Technologies Co. from helping build its 5G network.

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