Cost occurred in Spine Surgery!

by Carter Toni

Back pain is a very common issue in recent years. Not even old but young people are suffering from regular or frequent back pain. However, only a small percentage of people require spine surgery due to the pain. Non-surgical procedures are recommended on initial levels. When all procedures fail to work and the pain is unbearable then only Spine Surgery Treatment Newport Beach is suggested.

The most important question which arises in patients or family members is the cost. While most of the people think that cost in terms of bills which will follow. But when we say cost we not only mean the bills, that is there for sure but with it comes the other costs as well. Let us discuss the other costs we are talking about.

Cost of back surgery – the bill

Well, unfortunately, it is still a mystery. You cannot get a straight answer to any long-term treatment. Not just Spine Surgery Newport Beach, this is the case for any surgery. Thanks to our healthcare system for this lack of transparency. In addition to the healthcare system, the variation of bills also depends on the geographical area, insurance plans, medical history, and the deductions you’ll get.

If we talk about the rough idea, the cost to be incurred can be widely divided into two components. The first component will be the charges taken by the hospital, and the other one will be the charges taken by the specialist who is treating you. The charge of single-level lumbar fusion is around 65,000 INR at the minimum side. It can increase up to 1,00,000 INR if you attain any medical insurance. Inexpensive areas or with expensive specialists this cost can go up to 2 to 3 times.

High cost is directly proportional to the areas. Sometimes the insurance company also does the talking.

After single-level lumbar fusion, let’s understand what it costs for a herniated disc. The range is somewhat 20,000 INR to 50,000 INR. However, the most common surgery is anterior cervical surgery will range from around 15,000 INR to 80,000 INR.

Now the concern here is how can you get benefits from insurance companies, and will they pay you back for this?

Well, they generally refuse to, as they are very expensive surgeries. Insurance companies are cutting back on such approvals. You are suggested to understand the clause before you enter into any long-term health plan.

Hidden Costs of back surgery!

The medical bills are surely a pain for the family’s finances. But the surgery comes with an individual’s emotional baggage. Which is more costly than the bills.

The things which come in hand with the surgery are mentioned below –

  • Before and after activities.
  • Time lost from work and regular schedule.
  • Additional complications might result in additional surgery.

It has been observed that one out of five patients needs to visit the hospital again due to some further medications. We have got your Best Neurosurgeon Newport Beach who believes in transparency and will provide you with all the relevant information before the surgery.

If you need any assistance or information get in touch with us today!

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