Current Trends in Cute Cardigans For Women

by Carter Toni

When I think of staple pieces that every woman should have in her closet, my mind almost instantly drifts towards cardigans.  They are comfortable, convenient, and can work in almost any season because of the different weights and knits that they can have.  Honestly, it is hard to think of a more perfect article of clothing (at least for me).

Then again, I am what you might call a sweater enthusiast.  I totally understand if you do not feel the same way.  For anyone who agrees with me or is looking to add one to their wardrobe, hopefully you will find this article useful.   Together, we will delve into some of the most popular styles right now.

Pink, Pink, and more Pink

While there are some folks who are none too pleased about this development, I am super jazzed about it.  Pink is easily one of my favorite colors.  As you can see in blogs like this one, this color is making a huge comeback this winter.  Both on the runway, in celebrity fashion, and in street fashion, we are noticing it crop up more and more.

Luckily, it is not exactly difficult to find cardigans in this color.  In fact, you can get all sorts of different hues.  From the baby pinks to the magentas of the world, you can mix and match them along with the patterns.  Flexibility is a key component of pieces like this, after all.

Paired with Corsets

Admittedly, this was not a style I expected to see ever again.  Something important to note is that these corsets are quite different from the ones that you know, permanently damaged the skeletal structures of women back in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  They are not pulled nearly as tightly, but still lend to creating a certain body shape.

Fashion icons are pairing them with cardigans to create a mashed-up look that works surprisingly well in the modern day.  Imagine how cute a black corset with a light pink cardigan could look, right?  The combinations are pretty much endless, and it is a fascinating blast from the past that I hope does not disappear any time soon.  You can find more examples on this page.

Skirts Galore

Skirts are probably not the first thing that you are looking to wear in the dead of winter but hear me out.  You can style them in so many different ways and easily make them work for even the coldest of days.  Don’t forget that there are long ones, too.

However, I have seen an influx of fashion posts with celebrities rocking a short skirt, thigh high boots, a cropped shirt, and then a cardigan to top off the look.  While I probably would not exit the house like that while it is snowing, it does certainly provide me with some inspiration.

If you feel the same way and would like to shop cute cardigans, luckily you can look almost anywhere online!  A quick search on Google or Firefox will bring you a ton of selections, and you can also head into your local shopping mall if that is what you prefer.  I am sure that you will find something that you love!

Goth is Back

Depending on your age, this is probably giving you some flashbacks to your high school years.  It certainly does for me.  While I was never quite able to pull off the aesthetic back then, I remember a friend of mine had a jet black mohawk and always smudged her eyeliner so much that it put Billie Joe Armstrong to shame.

At first glance, cardigans may not seem to lend themselves well to or be congruent with this type of style.  However, what you should keep in mind is that while goth is definitely here again, there is a bit of a modern twist on it.  In fact, I would say that it is more accessible than ever before.

So, a cardigan that is black can easily make any outfit a bit more gothic.  I have one that is black and adorned with some white skulls, adding to the overall look.  There are some more examples and inspiration pics on this site,, if this is something that really speaks to you.


Everywhere that we look, it seems like another celebrity or fashion icon is wearing full leather.  Dresses, skirts, shirts, jackets, boots – you name it, there is probably a leather equivalent.  While this can look cool on the red carpet, I think that in person or in regular life it can come across more as tacky than anything else.

If you want to incorporate leather into your wardrobe but are not sure how to, they key is going to be to add other fabrics and textures in there.  A knitted cardigan could really serve to break up the harshness of the leather and to give you some much needed warmth for the season.

Honestly, this is something to bear in mind whenever we are buying to meet any trends in the fashion world.  Things are bound to look different in real life versus on a far-off runway that we are seeing on our screen.  Keep your expectations a bit more grounded and recognize that you may want to keep your closet more practical rather than purely chasing each and every trend that crops up in a year.

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