Download the best Free VPN For Windows 7/8/10/11 from iTop VPN

by Carter Toni

A VPN is a virtual private network that hides your online presence and redirects your internet connection through a secure virtual network. Many people use VPNs to prevent websites from collecting, advertising, and digital activity. The VPN also allows you to access restricted websites and watch shows or movies specific to other countries.

A report by says there are 142 million VPN users in the United States alone. Now imagine how much it will be on earth. Security and privacy are two of the main reasons people use VPNs. However, some organizations have made it mandatory for employees to use a VPN while keeping an eye on the company’s privacy. VPNs are also used by companies to hack websites for information to plan digital marketing campaigns.

Although several platforms offer VPN services, iTop VPN is one of the well-known service providers for offering fast and free VPN for Windows. The platform is proud to provide military-grade protection to users through VPN services. iTop VPN rated 4.5 stars for Softpedia features and services.

iTop VPN Features 

  • The company offers a variety of solutions that meet all the needs of the eye. Automatically select HTTPS, UDP, TCP, or the one that suits you. TCP, hackers, data theft, advertising, etc. offers the highest level of protection, preventing impact.
  • The encryption offered by the iTop VPN is at its highest level. You no longer have to worry about using public Wi-Fi. Your network connection will be completely secure.
  • When the VPN service stops working, all your Internet networks will be blocked. This prevents your online presence from accessing the Internet.


There is no iTop VPN download fee on the official website, the App Store, and the Play Store. Download and track your iTop VPN account today to get started with free encryption that provides unlimited security and fast encryption to access the private world.

Details on the price of iTOP VPN

iTop offers a non-VPN account with 16 servers and views up to 700 MB of data per day. This is ideal for individual users with moderate data usage.

The paid plan costs $ 11.99 per month. You can choose a 6-month billing cycle and pay $ 41.99. US $ 6.99 US per month. Want more discounts?

Try an annual payment plan where you only have to pay $ 2.31 a month. The total is $ 55.44 for one year plus another additional year. So!

Paid plans allow you to choose from 1800+ servers from around the world with unlimited bandwidth and data transfer, 10x fast connection, additional browser privacy, streaming, games, and social VIP servers, ad blocking, trackers, and malware.


iTop VPN is a fast, secure, and reliable VPN provider for Windows, iOS, and Android devices. The platform ensures the security of your online presence from blocking advertising to destroying the network in the event of an intrusion.

Our team has been using iTop VPN for a while, and we are pleased to announce that the speed is high. It’s easy to move from one server to another and continue browsing smoothly. The flow is just as good and fast. iTop VPN is worth the price.

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