Easy Steps To Expand Your Music Audience on Spotify

by Carter Toni

This article assumes that you already have a core audience you’ve made money on, and have signed with a music label. These are the two main prerequisites for getting your music on Spotify in the first place. Thus this article will tackle leveraging your current audience to create a feedback loop on Spotify to create a bigger and bigger one. If you haven’t accomplished those two goals yet, get those sorted first, then come back here, and learn how to leverage that audience to create a bigger one on this platform.

The good news

If you’re reading this, that means you have most of the hardest aspects of success already handled! You should already know how to promote your work, get noticed, and handle most of the business aspects of being a musician. You will likely have a good number of songs under your belt, and you also already have an audience. As such the obvious first step is to put all of your current songs on Spotify. Of course, it takes more than that to really grow your audience and increase your Spotify plays but obvious first steps are still necessary. Overall you’ve already done most of the hard parts and with the following principles and steps, building your audience will be smooth sailing.

Your about section matters!

This is where your new viewers can learn more about you, and connect with your story, as well as the way they can easily find you on other platforms. Crossover and connectivity on and off the platform allow you to make sure all of your fans can be fully immersed in your brand and your story. It also makes it easier to snowball your listeners into full-on fans rather than people who heard one or two of your songs, enjoyed it, and moved on. You’ll be able to post pictures of yourself and tell people your story, remember to check that every element of this lines up with the vibe of your work and that you have a clear style. Finally, make sure you use this as an opportunity to control your image and link your work.

Don’t start from scratch

Your next move is going to be making sure your audience goes to Spotify to listen to your content. Let them know they can find you on this platform, and encourage them to check it out. Once they start listening, it will promote your rankings on the platform and encourage their algorithms to promote your work. This will create a positive feedback loop that allows you to pull more viewers into fans and get those fans to support you across all revenue streams. That’s when you really start cooking with gasoline.

Putting it all together

Once you have access to Spotify using your existing fanbase to generate more fans who will go on to buy merch, download songs, and as such, create more fans, isn’t hard at all. Once you’ve built the structures necessary it takes care of itself; allowing you to focus on what you actually care about, creating music. It’s all about understanding the new systems in the industry and leveraging them to your advantage. Apps like Spotify have largely replaced brick-and-mortar stores, which in many ways makes the music industry more accessible than ever before.

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