There are many holidays in South Korea related to religion and culture. Like other countries in the world, Korea also has its own festivals and traditions. Some of you may already be familiar with some of them, but there may be others you are not familiar with. This year, it was announced that there will be extended holidays in South Korea next year. In this article, Ziptoss will be discussing the extended Korean holidays so you can plan ahead to go on a vacation or spend time with your loved ones.

Despite the pandemic and restrictions for traveling overseas, you can spend time with your family and friends around the country, there are many places that you can enjoy that are open. These extended holidays can also be a time for you to relax, go on a date with your significant other, or you can even pamper yourself with recreational activities and good food.

2022 Holidays

January 1-3, 2022- New Year’s Day

The first extended holiday will be on January 1-3,2022. Since it is New Year’s Day on January 1st(Saturday), they will be extending it until the 3rd(Monday).

  • Celebration activities on New Year’s Day are more relaxed and free, and there is more of a party atmosphere. Many people go out on New Year’s Eve to meet and hang with friends, eat out, participate in festivals, watch the sunrise on the East, go out on dates, or just relax at home with family and friends.


May 8-9, 2022- Buddha’s Birthday

May 8th falls on a Sunday, so the government has extended it until May 9th, Monday.

  • In South Korea, they celebrate Buddha’s birthday by going to temples and praying, giving gratitude and respect. Some people also celebrate it as a “carnival day” where everyone can enjoy delicious food like Bibimbap, and celebrate Korean culture and tradition. You will see colorful lanterns hanging around the city and parks, and you will see many celebrations and parades, many of which start a week or so before the actual holiday.


September 9-11, 2022- Thanksgiving Day/Mid-Autumn Festival(Chuseok)

Chuseok will be held for 3 days(Friday to Sunday)

  • Mid-Autumn Festival is a day for Laurel and his family to reunite and celebrate. Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important traditional festivals in Korea. There is also a family gathering where the whole family gathers to worship their ancestors. This holiday is equivalent to Thanksgiving in the United States, in terms of food and family gatherings.


October 9, 2022- Hangeul Day

No changes for Hangeul day since it falls on a Sunday

  • Hangeul Day is South Korea’s National Day, marking the invention and issuance of the Korean language. People would take the day off from work or school and sometimes visit the statue of King Sejong to give thanks. Since there is no real big celebration for this holiday, this day will open doors for you to find something interesting to do. You can go on a trip, hang out with friends, or just simply relax at home.


December 25, 2022- Christmas Day

No changes for Christmas day since it falls on a Sunday


By James Martin

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