Finding Your Perfect Match: Matching Diamond Shapes to Your Style and Personality

by Carter Toni

While browsing Rare Carat, America’s best diamond ring marketplace, you must have come across all the popular natural and lab-grown diamond shape options. It is natural to find classic diamond cut shapes like Round, Oval, and Princess alluring. But it will not be a surprise if your heart has set on an offbeat diamond shape like the stunning Heart diamond cut for example. All the different diamond shapes available at Rare Carat are indeed a work of art that can capture everyone’s heart.

Traditional Shapes Vs Offbeat Shapes

Choosing a diamond as per the 4 Cs diamond quality characteristics is necessary if you want to purchase one that suits all your desires, preferences, and most importantly, your budget. So, when you are shopping from a reputable and helpful source like Rare Carat, you get to have the exclusivity and freedom to choose a diamond shape that truly suits your style and personality.

Some offbeat yet head-turning diamond shapes that can help you define your personality better are the 3 best-sellers of Rare Carat – Cushion, Heart, and Marquise diamond cut. Unlike the traditional or antique diamond shapes, these 3 have a modern-contemporary, one-of-a-kind, and elegant look to them. So, you should be looking into these 3 different diamond shapes in a ring setting of your choice from Rare Carat if you are having a problem finding your perfect match.

These 3 famous yet unconventional diamond shapes will be perfect for you if you:

  • Want to avoid the basic or old-fashion/old-school styles
  • Want to have a unique design that can truly highlight your unique personality
  • Want to adopt a more feminine (Heart) or royal (Marquise and Cushion diamond cut) style
  • Want an engagement ring that is different/edgy and more in tune with current tending fashion

Do know that you have the option to take the help of Rare Carat, the best online source for expert and unbiased advice on the diamond shape selection process from a GIA-certified gemologist. You also have the advantage of Rare Carat’s advanced AI-controlled Price and Quality check to find your perfect match in the diamond shape of your choice.

Choosing a diamond shape according to your style and personality with Rare

  • Cushion

If you find the machine-cut-like edges of the Emerald, Princess, and Radiant diamond cut off-putting, go for the Cushion diamond cut. This one is somewhat square in shape, however, its uniqueness is its delicate and soft edges. As the shape can reflect colored and white light quite well, this will be an excellent choice if you are looking for a high level of fire and brilliance.

  • Heart

This one is perfect for engagement and anniversary celebrations as the heart is the most common symbol of love. As this shape is more exclusive (harder to create) and expensive than the traditional diamond shapes like Round and Oval, a heart diamond cut ring will be a rare or unique option to go with.

  • Marquise

Marquise diamond cut and lab-grown diamonds from Rare Carat is a match made in sparkly heaven. Due to the shape, a marquise diamond appears bigger in carat size than other traditional diamond shapes of the same weight. So, this one is perfect for you if you are looking for a rare yet elegant diamond shape that will make everyone think that you have gone over budget for it. This diamond shape is considered a smart choice by most diamond experts and enthusiasts.

Do know that you can check out Rare Carat’s official website (Education Tab under “Diamonds”) if you want to learn about these 3 stunning yet whimsical diamond shapes in detail. These diamond shapes have been capturing everyone’s hearts and attention for decades now. So, learning more about them and how to select the best one with Rare Carat’s help will truly make the process of finding your perfect diamond shape straightforward, quick, and effective.

Visit Rare today!

Finding a diamond shape that suits your own unique style and personality is something all diamond shoppers must be entitled to for a truly honest, effective, and profitable shopping experience. You can enjoy the advantage of choosing as per your preferences, taste, and budget when the best in the business Rare Carat is taken into account.

From GIA/IGI/GCAL certified diamonds in all the popular and unconventional diamond shapes to free insured shipping to a 100% money-back guarantee, you can never go wrong with Rare Carat!

Use Rare Carat’s unbiased GIA-certified gemologist advice in the form of educational and informative blogs to learn in detail about all the different diamond shapes including the above-mentioned quirky yet down-right-gorgeous Cushion, Heart, and Marquise. A deeper understanding of them will certainly aid you to find your perfect match in no time.

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