Five tech gadgets with the best resale value!

by Glenn Maxwell

Technology never stands still and what is at one point the most ground-breaking piece of kit is soon overtaken and replaced by the next innovation.

However, that’s not to say that all technology becomes completely worthless once surpassed by newer models, and there is a thriving resale market for all kinds of gadgets.

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the items you can expect to make a bit of cash back on if you decide to upgrade in the future.


Although Apple has released several new iPad versions, one thing that helps them retain their value is the California tech giants continuing to provide operating system support for older models.

While rival tablets can soon become faulty and run at sub-optimal levels, iPads generally maintain decent performance and remain protected against security risks as you update iOS.

Mobile phones

And especially Apple iPhones, again partly due to the ongoing operating support that old models get.

Reselling a mobile phone is made all the more easy with the number of resale sites that will purchase your phone from you.

Not only do they act as a marketplace for people looking to pick up a refurbished bargain, but the competition between them ensures that you can generally get a good price for an unwanted phone.

Games consoles

One reason for games consoles retaining their value is the popularity of retro gaming among so many enthusiasts. If you’ve got an older model like a PS3, Xbox 360 or even something truly classic like a Sega Megadrive, there’s every chance that a retro gamer is out there just waiting for you to sell it.

Recently deposed consoles like the PS4 also hold value thanks to the fact that developers will continue to release games for the platform for a time to come.

Apple watches

A third entrant for Apple just goes to show how well put-together and marketed the company’s products have been over the years.

The Apple Watch is another best-in-class piece of kit that knits together the perfect blend of style and substance to make second-hand models just as desirable as off-the-shelf newcomers.

Beats headphones

The cool factor strikes once more for our final entrant, with Beats cans remaining as popular as ever.

While headphone technology has moved onto the Bluetooth platform in recent years, purists who may prefer to listen to music using a device such as an iPod may well need an older cabled set of phones for their device. And few come cooler than those carrying the seal of approval from Dr Dre.

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