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​​​​5 Ways to Help Children Fall Asleep Quickly!

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Your child might be a baby, a toddler, a young adult, or any other age in between, but that doesn’t mean they don’t all have trouble falling asleep, and if they don’t fall asleep, then either you don’t sleep or you will have to deal with a grumpy child in the morning. Both of those can be pretty big problems, but that doesn’t mean you are powerless.

If you want to ensure that your children fall asleep fast and stay asleep through the night, you need to find a blanket that is comfortable and helps your child to sleep quickly. There are many online platforms like Domiamia from where you can easily buy a baby blanket and many baby products for their comfort.

Way #1: Sing Or Read To Your Children

It might seem a bit cliche, but sometimes the best way to get your children ready for dreamland is to lure them to sleep with a soft song or a good story. It’s a fun way to add to the nighttime routine, and can even make bedtime fun if you are reading different books or having a ‘chapter a night’ policy towards the books.

Lullabies, or listening to soft music if you aren’t confident in your own musical abilities, can help soothe children regardless of their ages, and it often works! Plus, it can be fun to find different songs that can get your children into dreamland.

Way #2: Dim The Lights and Cool The Room

It is human nature to start the signal for bed whenever we are cold and in a dark environment. After all, when the sun sets it is often cold and dark anyways, and while your children might not be outside, you can still cool the room and dim the lights. By keeping a room temperature of around 65 or 70 degrees fahrenheit, you will allow your child’s body temp to cool which signals it is time for sleep.

Dimming the lights can also help signal the making of melatonin, and ensuring that the room is dark and that you aren’t stimulating things with screens (more on that below), then the body will be ready to fall asleep and fall asleep fast.

Way #3 Prevent Naps

Once your child starts to grow up, you want to start phasing out naps in favor of the right bedtime for them. Naps are useful for young children, but as they start to grow up, naps can actually start to throw off their sleep cycle, and you need to start preventing naps in order to make sure they get the rest that they need. 

Allowing them to fall asleep whenever their bodies are ready for rest will help them get used to the routine of a better bedtime, and your child will also start getting into the pattern of going to bed at a specific time.

Way #4: Focus On Medication

There are plenty of medications to help kids of all ages fall asleep. From a kids sleep spray, to pills, to essential oils, to melatonin supplements, if your kids are not making enough themselves, you can help your kids fall asleep. Just make sure you are giving them the correct dosage, and also making sure that you are doing the medication in conjunction with the other things on this list.

While medication can help your child fall asleep, you don’t want your child or yourself to have to rely on the medication for a good night’s sleep. By getting your child into a good night’s sleep routine, and then slowly weaning them off of the medication, you are going to get them to go to bed in a healthy way.

Way #5: Remove Screens Before Bed

This one might be for older kids, but if they are using screens before bed and right up until they go to bed, then the excess blue light from the screens can mess with the melatonin production in the brain. This means that the body will have a much harder time falling asleep, so making sure that you have a screen blackout at least one hour before bedtime will ensure that your child isn’t disrupted by the danger of the blue light.

Plus, calming down without screens can be a good habit to have regardless, even if it isn’t connected to bedtime. 

Creating A Bedtime Routine

No matter the age of your child, making sure they have a consistent bedtime routine is going to ensure that they know when bedtime is and will also get them in the mood to fall asleep. Then, if they fall asleep quickly and also soundly, you won’t have to deal with a grumpy and tired kid in the morning, and every parent will like that!

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