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by Glenn Maxwell

Microsoft Flight Simulator, a long-running Microsoft franchise, includes a wealthy history that spans nearly 40 years. We’re happy to bring this simulation to consoles, allowing more pilots the opportunity to fly. Today we could share that Microsoft Flight Simulator will fly around the Xbox Series X Xbox Series X

Your piloting skills is going to be tested from the real-time weather challenges, including global cloud cover, cloud layers, wind speed and direction in addition to temperature, humidity and rain. With satellite data and cloud AI, you are able to travel the whole globe in incredible detail. You will see over 37,000 metropolitan areas, 1.5 billion structures and real mountain ranges.

Last year’s launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator only agreed to be the beginning of our mission to produce the best simulation. Once we continue contributing to the knowledge with free World Updates (Japan, US, France, Benelux, United kingdom, and Ireland to date and much more in the future), themed DLCs, and true-to-existence aircraft, Xbox Series XS simmers will love these updates on console too. We’re ongoing to utilize 3rd party partners to create additional peripherals for Xbox Series X

Microsoft Flight Simulatoris currently available with Xbox Game Pass PC, Home windows 10 PC and Steam. It’s also readily available for preorder on Xbox Series X

Today’s announcement by Microsoft Flight Simulator also incorporated a totally free Top Gun Maverick extension together with Vital Pictures. This will help you to experience firsthand what it’s enjoy being a U.S Navy Top Gun. The film and expansion pack will debut on November 19, 2021.

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