Goodfatcc Com Review 2023: Is Goodfatcc Com Licit Or A Scam?

by Moore Martin

Goodfatcc Com Review

In the vast online landscape of e-commerce, it’s crucial to distinguish between legitimate websites and potential scams. If you’ve stumbled upon Goodfatcc and are wondering whether it’s a trustworthy platform or a fraudulent scheme, you’ve come to the right place. We understand the importance of reliable reviews, so let’s delve into the details to determine whether Goodfatcc is licit or a scam.

The Enigmatic Goodfatcc Com Website

Goodfatcc presents itself as an online e-commerce platform specializing in the Sweater category. It boasts a range of products, including Cashmere Sweaters, Women’s Knitted Sweaters, Merino Wool Turtleneck Long Sleeve Knits, and more, all designed to keep you warm during autumn and winter. However, before diving into any purchase, it’s essential to scrutinize the website’s credibility.

Registration and Trustworthiness

The website’s domain was officially registered on August 18, 2023, according to the WHOIS record. An immediate red flag is the trust score of 1/100, as reported by scamadviser. Such a low score raises concerns about the site’s legitimacy.

The Pros of Goodfatcc

To provide a balanced perspective, let’s first look at the positive aspects:

  • Valid SSL Certificate: Goodfatcc uses HTTPS, ensuring a secure browsing experience for consumers.
  • Transparent Policies: The website offers accessible policies, including information on contacting customer service and the return process.
  • Payment Options: Goodfatcc provides various payment options, making transactions convenient for customers.

The Cons of Goodfatcc

Now, let’s explore the drawbacks:

  • Low Trust Score: With a trust score of 1/100, Goodfatcc’s credibility is questionable, according to scamadviser.
  • Negative Reviews: The site has garnered negative reviews on other platforms, further eroding trust.
  • New Domain: The website’s domain was created recently on August 18, 2023, which raises suspicions about its authenticity.
  • Limited Product Range: Goodfatcc offers a relatively small collection of products, with only 20-30 items available for purchase.
  • No Social Media Presence: The absence of social media links indicates that the website is not connected to any social platforms, limiting its reach and credibility.

Key Details About Goodfatcc

For a comprehensive overview, here are essential details about Goodfatcc:

  • Website Name: Goodfatcc
  • Email:
  • Contact Number: Not mentioned
  • Contact Address: Unit 83, 3/F, Yau Lee Centre No.45 Hoi Yuen Road Kwun Tong Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Product Category: Sweaters
  • Payment Options: Online payment
  • Delivery Time: Default Logistics takes 8 to 14 natural days with a charge of US$ 6.99
  • Return Policy: Customers can apply for returns within 14 days after product delivery.

Assessing Goodfatcc’s Legitimacy

To summarize the evidence, here are key points to consider:

  • Website Age: Goodfatcc’s domain was created on August 18, 2023.
  • Discount Offers: Extreme discounts can be a sign of counterfeit goods.
  • Trust Score: The trust score is a mere 1/100, according to scamadviser.
  • Contact Address: The provided address appears legitimate, but further investigation is needed.
  • Customer Reviews: There are no customer reviews available on the site.
  • Email ID: The provided email is
  • Returns and Exchange: The site does accept product returns within 14 days of delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Goodfatcc Website Fake?

    Yes, based on the available information, this website appears suspicious and not trustworthy.

  2. Is Goodfatcc Com Website A Scam Or Trustworthy?

    Goodfatcc com might indeed be a scam website. We recommend thorough research before making any online purchases.

  3. Is This Website Licit Or Not?

    No, this online store does not seem to be a legitimate website.

Our Verdict on Goodfatcc

After extensive research, it’s prudent to exercise caution when considering purchases from Goodfatcc. The low trust score, limited product range, and lack of customer reviews all suggest potential red flags. As responsible consumers, we advise against rushing into transactions with this website. Instead, take the time to thoroughly investigate its history and credibility. In an era of online shopping, a little diligence can go a long way in safeguarding your interests.

For more information on potentially scam websites in 2023, you can explore BuzRush. And remember, a cautious approach is always the safest one.

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