Grio Awards 2023 Winners: How to Watch Grio Awards 2023?

by Moore Martin

Grio Awards 2023 Winners

The Grio Awards 2023, presented by Byron Allen’s TheGrio, is an annual celebration of African American excellence across various fields. This prestigious event, which took place on Saturday, November 25, was a star-studded evening honoring leaders and legends in film, music, comedy, television, sports, and more. Let’s dive into the highlights of the Grio Awards 2023 and discover how to watch this remarkable event.

The Evolution of Grio Awards

Since its inception in 2010, the Grio Awards have evolved to encompass a wide range of categories that reflect the broad impact of the honorees on the nation. These awards serve as a platform for recognizing outstanding achievements, and to be featured on The Grio’s 100 list, awardees must demonstrate a substantial and ongoing impact on America as a whole, transcending boundaries and reaching far beyond the African American community.

Category Recipient
Film Icon Award Denzel Washington
Icon Award Eddie Murphy
Inspirational Icon Award Dwayne Johnson
Journalism Icon Award Tamron Hall
Environmental Champion Icon Award Don Cheadle
Television Icon Award Steve Harvey
Comedy Icon Award Kevin Hart
Music Icon Award Mariah Carey
Trailblazer Icon Award Misty Copeland
Science Icon Award Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett
Justice Icon Award Reverend Al Sharpton

The Categories and Selection Process

The Grio Awards consist of ten distinct categories, including Business, Health, Education, Science & the Environment, Media, Pop Culture, Arts & Culture, Service & Activism, Politics, and Sports. In each category, ten individuals are carefully selected based on their notable contributions. The editorial team at, in collaboration with contributors and experts, plays a crucial role in determining the final list of award winners, ensuring a comprehensive representation of excellence across various sectors.

A Night of Spectacular Highlights

The Grio Awards 2023 were marked by spectacular highlights and unforgettable moments that celebrated the excellence of the honorees. One of the standout moments was when Mariah Carey, crowned the “Queen of Christmas,” received the Music Icon Award. Her tribute was nothing short of extraordinary. Patti LaBelle, Jennifer Hudson, Coco Jones, and Boyz II Men joined forces to pay homage to Carey, with Coco impressively tackling the vocal challenges of their classic collaboration, “One Sweet Day.”

Distinguished Honorees

The event showcased a lineup of distinguished honorees, including Don Cheadle, Misty Copeland, Dr. Kizzmekia S Corbett-Helaire, Tamron Hall, Kevin Hart, Steve Harvey, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Eddie Murphy, Al Sharpton, and Denzel Washington. The evening’s hosts, Roy Wood Jr. and Sheryl Underwood, skillfully guided the proceedings, keeping the audience engaged and entertained throughout the night. From powerful tributes to lively hosting, the Grio Awards 2023 highlighted the incredible talents and achievements of the Black community across various fields, making it a memorable celebration of excellence.

Charismatic Hosts

The dynamic hosting duo of The Grio Awards 2023 featured Sheryl Underwood, co-host of The Talk, and the talented comedian Roy Wood Jr. Together, they took the reins as hosts for the two-hour special, guiding the audience through a celebration of “icons, leaders, and legends” within the African-American community. Their charismatic and engaging presence set the tone for an evening that honored individuals across a spectrum of categories, including film, music, comedy, television, sports, philanthropy, business, fashion, social justice, environmental justice, and education.

Byron Allen: The Visionary

The visionary behind The Grio Awards 2023 is none other than Byron Allen, the founder, chairman, and CEO of Allen Media Group. Allen created the Grio Awards to serve as a platform for celebrating and amplifying African American excellence. With a deep understanding of the impact strong and positive African American icons had on his own life, Allen emphasizes the importance of recognizing and honoring iconic individuals who have made significant contributions to their communities.

A Tribute to Icons and Legacy

Reflecting on his childhood, Allen highlights the influence of legendary figures such as Berry Gordy, Jr., Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali, and Martin Luther King, Jr., who played pivotal roles in shaping his perception of himself and altering the trajectory of his life. The Grio Awards, according to Allen, serve as a means to continue celebrating and amplifying the achievements of individuals who inspire positive change.

How to Watch Grio Awards 2023?

To catch The Grio Awards 2023, which aired on CBS on Saturday, November 25, viewers had the option to stream the event on Paramount+. The two-hour show commenced at 8 p.m. ET, offering an opportunity for audiences to witness the celebration of African-American excellence.

For those looking to stream the awards show, Paramount+, DirecTV Stream, and Fubo were accessible platforms. This diverse array of streaming options allowed viewers to engage with the Grio Awards, ensuring accessibility and convenience for a wide audience.


1. What are the Grio Awards 2023? The Grio Awards 2023 are an annual recognition ceremony organized by TheGrio, celebrating excellence in various fields such as film, television, science, journalism, comedy, and more. Established by Byron Allen, these awards highlight individuals making significant contributions to America’s future.

2. How are Grio Awards winners selected? Winners are selected by’s editorial team in consultation with contributors and experts. The criteria include demonstrating a large-scale impact on America, with ongoing work that transcends the African American community.

3. Who received the Music Icon Award at the Grio Awards 2023? Mariah Carey was honored with the Music Icon Award at the Grio Awards 2023 for her outstanding contributions to the music industry.

4. How can I watch the Grio Awards 2023? The Grio Awards 2023 aired on CBS on Saturday, November 25, at 8 p.m. ET. The event was also available for live streaming on Paramount+, DirecTV Stream, and Fubo.

5. Who were the hosts of the Grio Awards 2023? The Grio Awards 2023 were co-hosted by Sheryl Underwood from The Talk and comedian Roy Wood Jr. The dynamic duo led the two-hour special, celebrating “icons, leaders, and legends” from the African-American community.

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