Haircuts for men just like hairstyles for women sometimes do not come out as expected or as you had wished they would look on you. Rather, they end up turning out to be a great disappointment. You might have an amazing idea of a haircut but once your barber gives you the shave, you wish you never chose it in the first place.

Before you consider getting a particular haircut, you might want to know if it is perceived as one of the worst haircuts you can ever get or not. Some of the haircuts for men listed to be among the worst haircuts are:

1. Fringed Buzz Cut

This haircut features sides that are completely shaved but the hair at the middle of the head is left to grow such that it almost covers the shaved part. The edges are then trimmed to be in line with each other. Although it is an accepted style today, it is not one of the best haircuts for men.

2. Buns For Men

Long hair has not yet been accepted globally as a man’s style but that does not mean that keeping long hair is off-limits for men. However, holding the hair up the head is not the best way a man can keep his long hair.

3. Mullets

This style of having your hair all neat at the front and shaggy at the tail does not always look good on a man, especially in a business environment. According to MensHaircuts, it can be an awesome party style but it does not come out well with the official outlook.

4. Curtains

Splitting your hair from the front backward to make the curtain look may not bring out the best impression. Given the amount of gel put to maintain the hair in position is not a man’s style at all.

5. Frosted Tips

Making the tips of your hair look frosted may not exactly give you the hot look that you desire. It may not turn out well for every man.

6. Rat Tails

Having shaved hair at the front and the sides then braiding it at the backside into a rat shape isn’t the best haircut a man can have.

7. Braids For Men

Braiding the hair in the modern days is not only a women’s thing but men are now adapting to the new trend. Braiding the hair for men might not turn up as the style as it has been feminized a lot.

8. Flicked Flat Top

Shaved sides with the air left on top combed into a flick and then flattened at the top is not one of the haircuts for men you would want to have. It is not only boring but also dull.

9. Cane Rows

Unless you are holding on to a certain culture as a modern man, you do not wish to have this type of haircut. It looks like braiding the hair but it is left hanging from the top of the head and runs down the sides of the head with the shape of a sugarcane rod. The addition of color especially white to this haircut makes it even worse.

10. Fringes

Having a fringe as a man especially the emo fringe that partly covers one eye is a haircut you do not want to get from your barber. Trimming the edges of your long hair to have it falling on your forehead is a more feminine style.

11. Shaved Lines

Shaving in between braided lines to leave patches in your head can have your head look like a car parking space. In most cases, the braided part is dyed to give a complete look but unless it is for cultural purposes, you don’t wish to have this haircut.

12. Bowl Cut

Just as the name suggests, you do not wish to have your head looking like a bowl even if this is the only haircut for men’s style remains. This happens mostly when you let your parents do the haircut for you then you end up looking like them in their millennial years. The top of the head is shaved unevenly with the sides and then combed downwards giving your head a bowl shape.

By Carter Toni

BuzRush Staff