Harish Kalyan shares six pack photo, fans are shocked by the transformation!

by Glenn Maxwell

You are able to that Harish Kalyan was the one that impressed the folks by attending the Bigg Boss Season 1 show. It’s significant that Suresh Chakravarthy had stated inside a recent interview he was expecting Harish Kalyan to win the title. It’s also worth mentioning that Harish Kalyan was on the program up until the finish from the first season of Bigg Boss and missed the title within the prequel.

In connection with this, it’s significant that Harish Kalyan is among the very couple of who got more film possibilities following the Bigg Boss show. His films ‘Pyar Prema Kadhal’ and ‘Dhaarala Prabhu’ were super hits, and the films will also be becoming hits in Telugu. He’s presently starring in 2 Tamil films, ‘Kasadathapara’ and ‘Omanappenne,’ which ‘Omanappenne’ is going to be releasing soon.

Harish Kalyan 6-pack

In connection with this, Harish Kalyan has published a sensational six-pack photo on his social networking site. His fans happen to be congratulating him about this gorgeous photo of him sitting during a workout session. Harish Kalyan, who was once a romance hero, is presently rumored to become starring within an action film, and that’s why this sixpack.

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