Holley Sniper Installation Quick Tips FAQs!

by Sean Dixon

Electronic fuel injection systems are a step beyond carburetors. Although carburetors certainly have their place, especially under the hoods of classic Cameros and Corvettes, they just can’t offer the same services or reliability that EFI systems can. The Holley Sniper EFI is the standard in fuel injection systems and is available in base and master kits.

How Do You Install Holley Sniper EFIs?

When switching over from a carburetor to fuel injection, there are components that you might have to add and there are things to look out for. The first question that you might ask is, “will it fit?” Because manufacturers use a variety of bolt patterns, it can be difficult to determine which is employed in your vehicle. This is why folks examine a bolt pattern guide to determine the number of injectors and other characteristics of them.

Like any other project, you’ll want to read the instructions before you try inserting your new Sniper EFI. Then, when you’re wiring it, you must make certain that both the main power and ground go to the battery.

When grounding to the engine, you should a 1 AWG ground strap, or larger, directly from the battery to the engine. You should remove paint, rust or anything else so that you’re down to the bare metal. This is a demand caused by the digital parts that will be in use.

You’ll need to then run resistance plugs and resistant, non-solid core wires and then properly phase the rotor. This is how you begin to transform your vehicle from the darker age of carburetors to the modern era of EFIs.

What Are Some FAQs When It Comes to Holley Sniper EFI Installations?

1. Why must you wire your EFI directly to the battery?

You must wire directly to the battery because incorrect connections will lead to excessive resistance. When this happens, the result is more heat, which creates more resistance. Your engine won’t appreciate this cycle.

2. What is a common issue that occurs with wiring EFIs?

A common issue in this scenario is poor fuel pump grounding, like running an eyelet from the pump ground to a rusty or painted surface. The resistance that will occur can burn up fuel pumps, wiring and relays. Extending wires with too small of a wire gauge will yield the same results.

3. What damages O2 sensors?

The Holley Sniper EFI master kit is an excellent part, but it won’t matter too much if the engine’s O2 sensors are damaged. There are several ways that this can occur:

  • Pinched or burnt O2 sensor wiring
  • O2 sensor mounting
  • Wrong sealants or fuel additives
  • Oil control
  • Excessive fuel

The SBC Holley Sniper is a serious upgrade to your vehicle and will give drivers more control and greater horsepower. Indeed, Holley EFI systems provide easier starting, consistent performance and greater fuel efficiency. The electronics involved also allow drivers more visibility into how the system is functioning. Visit an online auto parts store or drop by your local store today to see the available inventory of Holley products and get your vehicle running at maximum efficiency tomorrow.

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