Nail fungus is a common infection that isn’t a pretty look. With the summer fast approaching, you don’t want people to stare at your feet when at the beach. So the objective is to remove nail fungus while there’s still time. But how do you do that? No doubt the internet is full of information on any topic. But not all information is reliable and trustworthy. It’s common for people to assume that miracle solutions work with little to no scientific data to back up the claims.

But some solutions are indeed effective in removing nail fungus. As a bonus, these solutions are natural and can be done at home. They don’t involve the use of chemicals or visits to the doctor. So to help you remove nail fungus, here are the home remedies you should use.


Snakeroot is a plant native to the Americas and West Indies. It is part of the Asteraceae family of plants. Snakeroot extract proves to be very effective in removing nail fungus, and more specifically toenail fungus. The way the extract works is simple. Snakeroot extract has antifungal properties. As a matter of fact, farmers use it to prevent fungi infection in plants. And a 2008 study shows that snakeroot extract does wonder for nail fungus infection. Applying snakeroot multiple times a week will solve the fungi infection in a matter of weeks.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a common ingredient in skincare products. It comes with soothing and anti-infective effects. Brands use the ingredient to make products that take care of eczema, oily skin, itchy skin, inflammation, and more. But did you know tea tree oil is also great for removing nail fungus?

Tea tree oil has many benefits. But one benefit is the antifungal and antiseptic properties. As such, it might be an effective home remedy to remove nail fungus. The way to apply the remedy is simple. You take a cotton swab and apply the remedy. You then swipe the swab on the affected area twice a day. You don’t even have to isolate it. Let it sit for 10 minutes, and then put your socks back on. If you’re looking for a similar alternative to tea tree oil, try this home remedy.

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive oil is a common cooking ingredient. But a 2012 study shows that the olive tree might have antifungal and antimicrobial abilities. In addition to the many benefits of olive oil, it’s one more reason you should have it around the house.

But the solution doesn’t refer to olive oil. It refers to using a salve made using olive extract. More specifically, olive leaves. The leaves of the plant are effective in removing nail fungus. You can apply the remedy in two ways. You can either apply the salve using a cotton swab directly at the infected area or take it in the form of capsules. You can even wrap the infected area in olive tree leaves.

Regardless, do this twice a day. Just remember to drink plenty of water.


Vinegar is a remedy that has plenty of uses, and we’re not talking about seasoning your salad. In some cultures, vinegar is used to treat fever. In the olden days, they would wrap the feet of the patients in vinegar. But vinegar can also remove nail fungus. If you do your research on the benefits of vinegar, you’ll find that it is quite commonly used to treat nail fungus.

To use this remedy, place the affected foot, or feet, into a bowl of vinegar. You’re also supposed to add warm water. Soak the feet for 20 minutes a day, twice per day. According to experts, you can expect the fungus to go away after a few weeks.


Garlic is very good for you. Not only is garlic an effective immune booster, but it also comes with antifungal and antimicrobial benefits. As such, it is yet another home remedy to try to remove nail fungus. To use garlic as an effective remedy, you need to crush or chop the garlic into small pieces. You then place the pieces on the affected area for a total of minutes each day.

If you can’t stand the garlic aroma, you can take garlic pills. These are just as effective as placing the garlic itself on the affected nails.

By Carter Toni

BuzRush Staff