Daniel may be the seventh child Mikael, Esther’s. He’s the more youthful brother to Freya Mikaelson and Finn Mikaelson in addition to Elijah Mikaelson and Kol Mikaelson. Also, he is actually the older brother to Henrik Mikaelson. Daniel can also be the more youthful half brother of Niklaus Mikaelson and also the uncle for you to Mikaelson as well as an unnamed nephew.

Daniel belongs to the Mikaelson Family plus an unnamed Witch Family.

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  • Human/Witch
  • Original Vampire (first Time)
  • Ghost
  • Original Vampire (second Time)
  • Reaper

He’s a careless and caring teenage boy in flashbacks, which show Daniel before he was switched right into a vampire. He wasn’t scared of his father, unlike his brothers and sisters. Kol and Daniel were the only real brothers and sisters to make use of their ability, aside from Freya, their older sister. His vampire forces gave him an aura of arrogance and supreme confidence. He could have confidence in most he did, regardless of what obstacles he faced, and that he didn’t fear any effects.

They can control his temper and examine situations with curiosity and amusement, even if he doesn’t get what he wants. He is able to simply be angry at someone he loves, for example his family or buddies, by launching an individual attack or attack.

Daniel didn’t have anxiety about werewolves, vampires or witches apart from their own. He treated all of them with respect despite all of their threats. He did accept Bonnie Bennett’s offer.

Despite his many flaws, Daniel was loyal and thought about others. He even demonstrated lots of remorse for his mistakes. Although he is able to be callous at occasions, he’s really kind and fair and it has altered because the time he died. He was still being haunted by guilt at his actions being an original vampire as well as asked why he had been introduced back.

Daniel’s personality has came back to New Orleans after he was reunited together with his brothers and sisters. He confesses to hating every facet of as being a vampire. He doesn’t drink in the vein and that he can’t appear to manage his hunger as he smells bloodstream. He’s constantly taking into consideration the sins he’s committed being an original vampire. It had been enough where he felt he didn’t deserve redemption or happiness. Even destroying his daylight rings, he felt he needed to accept his punishment.

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Daniel was very self-destructive and it was prone to lengthy periods of doubt, depression, and regret. He was deeply impacted by the idea of being pardoned and permitted to reside his existence again. He was compassionate, caring, loving, understanding, generous, kind, thoughtful, charitable and non selfish. He didn’t want to see anybody suffering, or perhaps in discomfort, physical, mental, or spiritual. He was prepared to help others once they needed it most, and would prioritize the requirements of others over their own. When they caused any injury to other people, he was ready to kill them.

Marcel interrogated Daniel about his past actions and Daniel stated he would be a lost soul who can’t be saved.

Daniel, upon his transformation in to the Reaper, grew to become brutally honest and internalized anger. He’d a radical personality change, becoming less caring and much more hostile. He was uncaring but would fight for his buddies, and would interact with devastation to the harm they endured.