How do I prepare for liposuction?

by Carter Toni

When you are preparing to have liposuction, you might be asked:

  • Request lab testing and a medical examination
  • You can take certain medications or modify your current medication.
  • Stop smoking
  • Avoid aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications, and herbal supplements. They can increase bleeding.

You should only perform liposuction in a licensed hospital, licensed ambulatory surgery center, or accredited office-based facility.

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Prepare For Liposuction Mentally

You must prepare your brain for liposuction before you can prepare your body. You need to do the following:

Learn more about liposuction: Conduct your research online to learn more about liposuction. Our page on liposuction has all the information you need.

Select an experienced surgeon: It is essential to choose the right surgeon for liposuction preparation. Being reassured that your surgeon has experience can make you feel more at ease and calmer prior to liposuction.

Discuss the procedure with your surgeon: Make an appointment to meet with your surgeon. The surgeon will be able to better assess your needs and make recommendations.

Be realistic about your expectations: Liposuction can alter your body’s appearance, but not make it perfect. To see the expected results, you can view some before-and-after photos of liposuction.

Learn about the recovery process: Recovery is just as important as the surgery. It is important to understand how recovery works and to know what you should do.

How To Prepare Your Body For Liposuction

Now it’s time to prepare your body. The preparation of patients for liposuction includes many things such as:

How to lose weight: Although liposuction can be used to remove fat, it cannot replace weight loss surgery. Patients with a lower BMI than 30 will have better results with liposuction.

Inform your doctor about your medications: It is important to inform your surgeon about all medication, including supplements. Ask your surgeon to discuss with you the reasons why you were advised to stop taking a certain medication.

A healthy diet is essential: Liposuction can improve your body’s shape and make you look younger, but it will not change your eating habits. To avoid regaining your old body shape, you need to make a change in your diet.

Tips For Liposuction Preparation

The preparation for liposuction doesn’t include just health advice. Other liposuction preparation tips include:

Take a break from school or work: You’ll need to rest for some time after the surgery. It is important to plan a vacation before the procedure.

Make arrangements for someone to drive your car home after your surgery: After liposuction, you will not be allowed to drive alone. After the surgery, it is important to have someone with you to accompany you home.

Find something to do with your spare time: After surgery, you will need to rest. It is important to find something that keeps you busy and doesn’t leave you feeling bored.

Compression garments to purchase: After liposuction, you will need compression garments, but it is much easier to shop for them beforehand. You can always buy another one to use when you need it.

How To Prepare Lipo Laser Treatment

Laser liposuction is preferred over traditional lipo because it’s safer. Laser lipo is more invasive than traditional lipo, but there are very few differences in laser lipo preparation. It is important to stop smoking, quit drinking, and avoid blood thinners.

The Bottom Line

Proper preparation will ensure better results and reduce the risk of complications.

Contact us for a free consultation about liposuction. Our specialists at are ready to give you the advice you need.

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