How Much Do Dentures Cost?

by Carter Toni

Every patient is different and so are their dentures. Dentures are unique. Dentures are false teeth that can be removed. These are made up of metal, nylon, or plastic. They are made in such a way that they can be fitted over the gums in place of missing teeth.

Dentures Specialists in Glenview eliminate the possible problems that can be caused by the gaps. Denture means an artificial replacement for one or more teeth. It is a set of false teeth.

These can be caused because one has lost all or some of the natural teeth due to injury or gum disease. We can improve our health as well as our overall personality with the help of dentures. Partial and Full Dentures Glenview helps you eat and speak properly, which you can not do without teeth.

There are two types of dentures available and they are

  1. Full Dentures – A full denture is fixed in the upper or the lower jaw or both. It is fitted after the teeth are removed. The denture will fit comfortably over the gums and the jawbone. A full denture can be classified into the conventional denture and the immediate denture. Immediate dentures can be placed in the mouth as soon as the teeth have been removed. Conventional dentures can be placed in the mouth in about 8 to 12 weeks after the teeth have been removed.
  2. Partial Dentures – When some of the natural teeth remain in the upper and the lower jaw then Partial Dentures are made. These are usually removable dentures. They replace multiple teeth in the upper and lower part of the mouth. This prevents the other teeth from changing position and it fills the space made by the missing teeth. Dentists suggest removing the partial dentures at night time and cleaning them regularly.

How much do Dentures Cost?

The price of dentures varies greatly. The cost depends on the raw material used for the process by which it is made. A normal set of dentures may cost around $1800. Prices may vary from dentist to dentist. Here the prices mentioned are just a suggestion and are average prices for dentures worldwide.

  1. A complete set of dentures in the luxurious range may cost around $4000 to $8000 and for each plate $2000 to $4000. These are made up of high-quality materials. Full customization is done for the perfect look of the debentures.
  2. Dentures in the mid-price range will cost around $1000 to $3000 for both plates and $500 to $1500 for each plate. They help us in giving a more natural look than the economical range.
  3. The most economical dentures for each plate may range between $300 to $500. When a full set of upper and lower dentures are made, they will cost around $600 to $1000.

Dentures are an excellent investment. Glenview Dentist can make your life easy and completely different. One-size dentures do not fit everyone. There are various factors on which the price depends. They are –

  1. The dentist’s fees
  2. The patient
  3. The quality of the denture
  4. Denture care and maintenance

Will the insurance policy cover dentures?

Dentures can last long if you take care of them properly. Some insurance policies cover the dentures’ cost while others do not cover it. It depends on the coverage which you have chosen. While taking the insurance policy you should have asked about the specifics of what they will cover.


If some or all of your teeth are missing, it can make eating difficult. With age, the teeth gradually weaken. This can also be caused at a younger age like gum disease and missing teeth. After this, you have to find a solution by consulting a doctor. Dentures Glenview suggests what is best for your teeth.

Dentures and dental implants are suggested when some teeth are missing. Dentist Glenview IL will help in doing normal daily activities like eating, smiling, biting, and talking. This makes the upper and lower jaw healthy. It resembles the natural teeth so that it matches the previous appearance. It also makes you look younger. It takes a few visits to the dentist before you can gain confidence. With dentures, you can eat whatever you feel like with minor restrictions. Dentures are cost-effective and efficient care for the teeth.

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