How to become successful: Tips for young designers!

by Sean Dixon

Tips for young designers

Fashion designer is a dream profession for fashion lovers at all times. Today, a fashion designer is one of the most prestigious and sought-after creative professions in Russia and abroad. The fashion industry is distinguished by high competition, the rapid pace of technological development and the rapid change of trends, but at the same time, you have the opportunity to realize your creative potential, to gain worldwide recognition and achieve a high income!

Who is a fashion designer and what he does

A clothes designer thinks up interesting models of clothing, develops stylish images for mass production and by individual order.

A clothes stylist can become a seamstress, if she goes through appropriate training and learns how to come up with images.  At the same time, a designer in the future can grow into a couturier who creates exclusive models for world-famous fashion houses.

The clothing designer draws sketches, selects materials for sewing and decoration, designs models, puts them into production and controls the manufacturing process. He understands colortypes and peculiarities of male and female figures, knows the basics of cutting, knows how to select shades and fabrics of different textures.

The clothes stylist knows how to get information and work with it. He traces global fashion trends and introduces them into his collections, he can notice the uniqueness of his competitors and find it in the projects he works with.

Each famous stylist has his own story and his own legend: some started to create in childhood, and others came into the profession at a mature age…

The basic criteria opening the way to success in design of fashionable clothes, are professional education, talent, taste, work capacity, sense of proportion and style.

You can make a name for yourself in a variety of specialties. Determine your preferences. Do you like women’s, men’s or children’s clothing? Do you want to creator collections or manage a fashion house, maybe your plans include launching your own brand?

You can choose to be a stylist, fashion illustrator, trend developer or digital fashion designer.

Fashion design careers are often based on a superficial understanding of the fashion world. To understand what is behind the glossy look of fashion shows and the glossy look of magazines, try to attend professional events or enroll in online fashion courses.

Do not miss:

  • Fashion shows
  • Fashion shows and exhibitions
  • Study the success stories of fashion designers

If the previous steps have convinced you of the correctness of your choice – start looking for a college or school of design Emerging Designers. Professional education in this field is as necessary as in any other.

During your studies take every opportunity to get more practice, prove yourself and get professional contacts, see what the daily work of a fashion guru consists of.

Take part in a variety of international and Russian competitions and various internships, so you learn the profession quicker, add to your portfolio and get recognition, so you get invaluable experience and can learn from acknowledged professionals.

Look for your first customers among your friends and relatives. They will also be your advertising. Think about what benefits you can bring to potential customers, for example, a good discount for the first customers. Create a group or an account in social networks, where you will put photos of your product or clothing models. You can also do this on your personal page.

Getting to know your profession starts with choosing your direction and style while  emerging fashion. It’s important to understand what direction you want to go in: adult or children’s, men’s or women’s clothing, outerwear or lingerie, casual wear or evening outfits. Think about the styles you are interested in: classic, sporty, casual or business casual. You need to figure out which styles you’re willing to study in detail and which ones you’re definitely not.

Get to know the profession from the inside. Talk to the designer in person – buy a designer consultation or shop with the designer. This way you can see how the stylist works, what he pays attention to, and how he communicates. Subscribe to popular fashions’ blogs and follow their live shows and storis. Participate in all the activities that designers organize: offline meetings, webinars, master classes, etc.

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