How To Bypass OTP With SMS Activate Platform

by Sean Dixon

In the past few years, it has become quite common to bypass OTP on various websites and apps. People use that opportunity when for some reason it is not possible to complete this task with a personal mobile phone number or it is necessary to create multiple accounts on the same online service. There also could be some other purposes. Looking for a way to perform a similar action? Then everything that you have to do is to start using a reliable SMS activate platform.

Why would anyone need to use such a platform?

Services that provide virtual phone numbers for bypassing OTP have databases of millions of users from all over the world. And their number is constantly growing because using those platforms brings to the table many different advantages. Here are the main use cases for such a feature as receiving SMS online:

  • Creating additional accounts on social media sites and instant messengers in order to separate personal life and work or business communications;
  • Signing up once again for food delivery, taxi, and other types of platforms to receive bonuses and good offers for newcomers;
  • Promoting business on the internet by doing mass mailings with multiple accounts on email services and forums.

SMS verification online is also a popular choice among those who care about their privacy. Since it is made with virtual numbers that are also considered fake, it is not possible to expose its owners and users. It makes it a good solution to avoid receiving spam calls and messages all the time after registering on online platforms.

How to make the right choice?

In order to complete SMS verification online, it is required to sign up for one from a few specialized platforms that provide such an opportunity. Nowadays there are a lot of them on the internet so it is better to choose carefully as it directly affects the quality of the purchased service.

The first thing to look at is reviews. Of course, they are not always fair as well as true. But still, with their help, it is possible to understand how the service works and if it is trustworthy or not. Do also check who those reviews were written by. There should be real people but not fakes.

No less important parameter is the cost of service. Though it doesn’t differ much between appropriate platforms as everyone trying to keep their prices as low as possible, there are still some differences since some websites specialize in providing virtual phone numbers from certain regions so they may offer lower prices on certain positions.

The last parameter to keep in mind is how big the stock is. There are a lot of apps in great demand so in the case of some platforms it is not always possible to do SMS verification with them without waiting for replenishment. So make sure there are enough virtual phone numbers provided by the platform before choosing it.

SMS activate service from SMS-Man

Right now the most convenient and cost-effective way to bypass OTP online is provided by SMS-Man. You don’t have to go through complicated processes when using this platform. The only thing users have to do to get a virtual phone number for receiving SMS with this service is to complete simple registration using their email address or an account on Facebook, Google, or GitHub. As a result, all presented features will become available. Here is how it goes:

  1. Sign up for the website and verify created account.
  2. Recharge balance with a suitable method from the payment section.
  3. On the homepage of the platform choose the country of issue for the virtual number.
  4. Scroll the page a bit down, find the tab with online services and select the necessary one.
  5. Buy a virtual phone number by clicking an appropriate button.

Now simply send the verification code from the selected online service to the received virtual number and then click the «Get SMS» button to reveal the set of digits used to create or verify an account. The whole process does not take longer than a few minutes.

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