How to Earn Real Money from URL Shortening Websites?

by Carter Toni

No one will hate to earn money, as these days, money decides everything right from what to eat to what you should do. Earning money was not simple before, but now, it is very simple. All you have to do is to shorten your URL and post it on the site to earn money. URL shortening is the best and easiest way to earn money online. The point is that, you first need to shorten a link and post it on the site that gets hold of more traffic. If you do not know about how to shorten a Url and how to earn money by shortening a url, then you need to read the article further.

URL shortening is nothing but shortening a lengthy url into a small one. Keep in mind that, you cannot just shorten the link manually. If you do, the url will not work. Instead, you need to use the URL shortener tool to shorten the link. You might have a question at the back of your mind like, why I should shorten the link rather than posting the actual url. You can post the actual url, but you cannot get to know details like how many visitors have visited your site so far. At the same time, if you post the shortened url on a site or social media, you can get to know who has visited your site at what time and more details.

As I said that, you have to use the URL shortener tool to shorten the link. The shortener will shorten the link within some seconds. All you have to do is to place the link on the shortener tab of the tool and then click shorten to get the shortened link. You can create two types of shortening links which are non-advertising url and advertising url. The non advertising url will be used to count the number of visitors visited the link so far and no payment will be done for the non advertising url. The advertising url pays you money if somebody has clicked on the link.

How to Earn Money through Shortening?

  • You do not get payment from the advertising url shorteners if someone has clicked your shortened link. There are some terms and conditions for making the payment.
  • The payment for the shortened url will be done by posting it on the intermission site. That is, if your site is A and your target site is B. when anyone clicks the link in the website A ahead reaching B, then an intermission advertisement of 5 seconds will be displayed. Once after the 5 seconds is done, the person can head up to the target site B.
  • The payment will be done for rate per thousand clicks or impression. You do not get payment for every click one by one. The payment will be done once after thousand clicks are completed.
  • You can as well earn by referring a friend or relative.

This is how you can get money from URL shortening.

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