How to Express Your Love for Jesus Almighty??

by James Martin


When you love someone, you are willing to go the extra mile for them. You are more than happy to do what makes them smile, and you try and avoid anything they don’t like. You lock eyes with the person you love and tell them how you feel, and express your deepest thoughts with them in a single breath.

You can do all this because they are with you. You can hold their hands, hug them, talk to them, and if they are not physically present, you are always on your phone to stay updated about them. But how to express your love for someone who is not in front of you but can still know what you are up to?

We are talking about Jesus Almighty, who sacrificed himself for the sins of humanity and is always there for us no matter how hard things get. There is undoubtedly love for Jesus in our hearts, but we often fail to express it adequately. This article will talk about things we can do and habits we should include in our daily lives that help us prove our love for the great Almighty.

1.     Worship Jesus As Much As You Can

Waking up in the morning and picking up the phone before anything else is what most of us do. If you want to stop this behavior and rather put your focus on spending time with Jesus, your connection with Him will deepen. If only For several moments, open your Bibles, read about the religious teachings, listen to prayer hymns, and thank Jesus for everything you have.

2.     Wear Religious Clothes or Jewellery

This may seem too much for some of you, but there shouldn’t be any shame in expressing your love for Jesus. If you are wearing something that gives you a sense of closeness to HIM, then there is nothing wrong with it, and you shouldn’t care about what others will say.

Wearing Jesus Shirts or having a cross bracelet around your wrist is all an expression of love to the Almighty. Spending money in buying Jesus Shirts from Christ Follower Life, Cross necklaces, and bracelets is all a part of your devotion towards Jesus, and you should be proud of it.

3.     Spend Time in Praying

If you feel obligated to worship, it is all too simple to offer a hasty hollow prayer in a few seconds. When you feel forced to pray, it will habitually become a duty and something you don’t cherish or honestly believe in.

Jesus wants you to build a relationship with Him and likes to listen to your prayers, so prayer with purpose will express what you are dealing with and what you are grateful for. He created you and therefore is worthy of all appreciation.

4.     Follow His Teachings

The best way to express your love for Jesus is by walking on a similar path as his. Following his teachings will help you live a happy and successful life. During His earthly ministry, Jesus demonstrated how to be joyful, achieve peace, and reconnect to God’s presence. His message is still relevant today.

All his teachings about being kind to others, putting the needs of people before you, forgiving and moving on, connecting with God, and not hurting people intentionally will take you a long way and help you stay happy.

5.     Talk about Him

Keeping Jesus in our hearts is one of the ways to worship him, but talking about him and his teachings is a far greater virtue. When you tell people about Jesus, you are conveying his message. When someone listens to you and starts praying or worshipping Jesus, you will achieve divine peace.


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