How to Find Out Best Summer Camp in Switzerland!

by Glenn Maxwell

Finding the best summer camp in Switzerland for kids and young people can be difficult with the many options available. How can a parent identify the ideal facility for 17 years old campers? The right camp offers a wide variety of intensive language lessons, outdoor activities, robotics, and opportunities to develop their leadership skills. Are you considering sending your child to summer camp Switzerland? Here are tips to ease your search.

Outline Your Expectations

Before picking a Swiss summer camp for your child, you must understand your expectations. Ask yourself, what do I want my child to achieve at the end of the camping experience? Do I want them to meet and make new friends or interact with other campers from different countries?

In this case, you may want to pick a summer programme that focuses on things your child is passionate about. For example, if they love sports, go for a facility that offers a variety of sports like volleyball. Suppose they love outdoor adventure. An adventure camp would be ideal. If they enjoy learning different languages, ensure the summer program you choose includes other foreign language classes like English and French.

A leadership camp would be ideal for parents seeking to nurture their children’s leadership qualities. Your main objective should be to ensure campers are thrilled with the summer experience ideal by selecting St. George’s international summer camp that offers things they love. Involve the children in the planning process to ensure they

Decide Between a Residential, Virtual Camps, or a Day Summer Camp

Some parents may struggle to choose between a residential ski resort and a day camp. Both programs offer different summer experiences. Campers attending a day camp in Lausanne can participate in various activities and engage in introductory language courses. However, they will miss out on developing other skills, such as interpersonal skills.

Day campers also miss out on exciting evening and boarding school activities for residential programs. Choose a comprehensive residential program to maximize your child’s potential.

Virtual camps offer customized activities and a wide range of activities that meet the interests of your children. Still, they are an excellent alternative, especially during uncertain times like the pandemic.

Virtual camps are ideal for keeping the whole family occupied and happy without dealing with the logistics of participating in residential or day camps. Day camps in Montana may be suitable for first-time campers.

They allow campers to learn new things, socialize, and engage in their preferred sports without being away from home for prolonged periods. Older campers who can attend residential camps comfortably will enjoy a moment of independence within a safe and supervised environment.

Consider a Balanced Programme

Choose a facility that offers value in education, adventure, and fun. The ideal summer camp in Verbier should give campers a break from the international school and home-related activities. Remember, summer and winter camps are an excellent opportunity for your child to engage in and learn new things.

A comprehensive Beau Soleil summer camp program filled with year-round adventure, games, learning, and a visit to the Swiss Alps helps campers understand themselves better and unlock their potential.

Find Instructors that Your Children love

With the ideal camp instructor, campers can have a memorable experience. A good Les-Elfes international summer camp instructor should be committed and passionate about children. They should invest time in teaching campers and guiding them to ensure they master different activities, learn new skills, and attend a summer course or language lessons.

The instructor you pick should be fun to be around, upbeat, knowledgeable, and passionate about what they do. Finding and selecting a camp Montana instructor can be a challenging but achievable task. Numerous summer camps in Switzerland offer an instructor section on their sites that includes the experience, qualifications, and skills they require for potential instructors.

Some camps attach instructor profiles, interviews with their staff, and thorough editorials. This information can help parents or guardians pick an instructor based on their profile and what works best for their kids. Reading reviews from previous campers or their parents can help you know what to expect from instructors.

You can also ask the institute to provide references you can reach out to before deciding. The summer camp facility you choose in Leysin should offer ten campers for each instructor ratio to ensure kids get the best experience. The ideal collège champittet summer camp in Switzerland runs due diligence analysis on their instructor to determine their reliability.

Determine Your Budget

The cost of Crans Montana summer camp in Switzerland varies based on the location. For example, the cost of camping facilities along the Lake Geneva area is different from camps in other areas.

Do not be afraid to pay the price to send your child camping. Consider it an investment instead. Young campers gain significant benefits from camping, like developing new skills, enhancing self-confidence, making new friends, and mastering independence. Some camping facilities can be costly, but the benefits of sending kids camping outweigh the expenditure.

The CHF you pay often reflects the quality of the camping facility and what your child stands to gain from it. For instance, Le Rosey, Zuoz, and Villars-Sur-ollon camps may be costlier than chalet-style La Garenne summer camps. Again, some tech camps in Montreux and the Brillantmont international summer school can be pricier than many sports camps. This is because the former has to invest in expensive hardware and software. However, the latter requires less expensive equipment and an open field to operate effectively.

Determine the final price of the camping facility and understand that extra benefits affect your final bill. Find other details, such as will the camping facility drop day campers home in the evening? Are campers entitled to lunch? Always pay for the essential things for your child and be on the lookout for discounts. The best summer camp in Switzerland offers multi-week, sibling, and fixed discounts that you can leverage to save a few coins.

Research Widely

Research is one of the best ways of answering questions you may have. Research widely to ensure you are making the best decision. You can use various strategies to establish summer camps that benefit your children.

Besides reading reviews, you can participate in local camp fairs, browse websites, or even visit the summer camp facility. A representative can also establish the programs and courses that college du leman offers.

Ask family and friends for suggestions. Contact family friends whose children have attended summer camp to figure out their experience. Recommendations from people you know help you prepare for a great experience. Work with other guardians or parents and send the kids camping as a group. Children will have a memorable time with their friends around.


As the children attend camp, their social and personal well-being is critical. Parents want the best for their children, but sending them to overnight camp can be scary. Many parents wonder whether the campers will love their new environment. Some children need more nurturing, and the ideal summer camp in Switzerland should give them emotional support.

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