How To Learn Photography Quickly 2022!

by Glenn Maxwell

Photography is an art that is rewarding but hard to achieve. However, it is not impossible to achieve greatness if you know what you have to work with. In today’s era, photography has become way easier, and that is how we bring you today’s topic. 

We have bought you 7 ways you can learn photography quickly. Our info comes from photographers with years of experience. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the fascinating world of photography!

7 Best Ways To Learn Photography

Here are a set of steps that can help you learn photography quickly!

Start with your cell phone

Just like a real camera, your phone camera is also a modern piece of technology. A lot of times, we go on a trip somewhere far with our friends or family. It can be vacations like hiking, climbing, boat rides, surfing, or some urban wildlife areas. We often get the urge to capture various locations, spots, scenarios, wild lives, mountains, etc. 

Most of the smartphones are advanced nowadays, which you can use to click beautiful pictures at that specific moment. Since we have modern technologies, smartphones might be a perfect choice for a start. And most of these phones have built-in features like different filters, different exposure, different focus, or strong portrait modes, which can be handy for you along the way.

Take courses

Photography courses can help you step up your photography game. Many colleges, photography schools, and studios offer their services to make you a better photographer. 

Even most of these days, you can search for online photography courses on the internet and start those courses from home. For example, few YouTube channels post a lot of content about photography which is useful. YouTube is also free to use. So, if you are not ready to spend money on courses yet, consider watching tutorials and tips and tricks videos. 

Update your gears

Advanced gears are essential. If you want to take your photography skills to a prominent level, you should upgrade your photography gear, e.g., lens, mods, reels, etc. Knowing when to upgrade camera gear can be a little tricky, but if you are waiting for the right time to upgrade, upgrade your equipment when you have enough funds to do so.

What makes the upgrading tricky? It is the pace at which technology advances. New forms, features, and capabilities will continue to be innovated. Additionally, if you have zero ideas about cameras, lenses, and other equipment, you might face some difficulty.

Also, The companies are investing more money to come up with better, innovative, and easy-to-use equipment. The better your gears are, the better picture you get out of it.

Photography Workshops

When the scenery is right, the picture comes out perfect. Photography workshops can help you learn the ropes of photography and sharpen your skills. Each one offers a unique learning experience. When new photographers come to us for suggestions, we tell them to visit Arizona, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, etc.

Photography workshops are everywhere. However, you have to look for them. Few events take place in every country for beginners or experienced photographers to provide valuable resources for anyone looking to improve their creativity and photogenic texture editing. 

For example, ColorTexturePhotoTours is a photography workshop organized and taught by professional photographers who use their years of experience to provide attendees with an in-depth look at color and texture editing. Here, you will be learning one of the essential parts of photography: colors. 

If an image lacks colors unintentionally, the image can appear non-professional and ugly. Hence, a quick tour with ColorTexturePhotoTours can be rewarding.


People who are new to photography can often get tired or stuck in a rut. As a result, they cannot progress. Practicing photography in your daily life will not just help you have more fun but also create more interesting photos. 

Start taking pictures of flowers and documenting landscapes as you hike around or roam around at nearby parks. You can also add props or create a small indoor studio to practice your photography. You could also try to take portrait shots of your friend, take pictures of your dog, anything that interests you, click!

Know the basics 

Knowing the basics is important in every field. It will help you learn the fundamentals and roots of what you are learning. In the photography world, basics are necessary to learn. Most importantly, always try to read your camera’s manual. If by any chance you miss something, your gear’s user manual could clear your confusion. 

The more familiar you are with your camera, the sooner it will get out of your way. Finding something to shoot is also one of the basics. If you do not have a subject, you will waste your time and energy trying to make sense by spending hundreds of dollars on your fancy camera. 

Additionally, exposure, including shutter speed, aperture, and film speed, are the main things that control the amount of light and are three main variables to learn.

 Play around with angles 

Different camera positions can help you tell a story. Instead of shooting everything from an eye-to-eye level, with the camera horizontal, try shooting it pointing up or down. Try crouching on your knees and holding the camera at your head level. 

Try climbing stairs or using a tripod could help you take pictures from different angles. Few angles you could try, low angle shots (these shots are also good for filming people who are looking down at things). Try High angle shots (shots from above could usually make things look weaker) and birds-eye shots (directly from above. These shots give you another way to show how things are put together in the picture.


For some people, photography is a passion, hobby, or career. No matter what your motive is with photography, practicing is the way to go. We covered seven ways, you can learn photography faster, but you won’t be able to achieve greatness in a day. Keep practicing, and discover your unique ways of clicking masterpieces. Happy photography!

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