How to make your business card stand out

by Carter Toni

Standing out in a business landscape is pivotal to your success. With more than 5.6 million businesses in the UK alone, what makes yours any different from the next business?

People are always looking to stand out to attract customers. This may include a great social media following, business plan, or more simply, a solid business card. A business card can tell your company’s entire story, all on a small piece of paper.

When meeting new potential business partners or clients, you’ll hand over this business card. Ensure yours is memorable by making it stand out. Read on to find out how you can do that.

Make it original

Consider the design of your business card. If you go for a generic black and white design that looks like everybody else’s, would anyone really be impressed? Instead, switch things up. Go with striking colours such as the 2022 colour of the year or one of the many colours of the rainbow.

How far you go with your design may come down to your occupation, however. If you are a personal injury lawyer, then handing over a neon yellow business card isn’t appropriate. Yet, if you own a nursery business then the brighter the better.

Consider the information you display

Your business card’s main purpose is so people can contact you. However, in modern-day business, there is much more to a business than an email and phone number. You must now consider your other credentials such as your website and social media channels. This will allow people to see your entire business.

Adding too much information can look cluttered, however, so you could consider adding a QR code that takes you to a webpage with key information on it. There are many QR creation websites out there, so creating yours should be easy.

Choose great quality paper

If you’re trying to sell yourself as a luxury brand or a well-respected business then your paper choice is vital. If you opt for a generic card type then it will feel cheap and that’s how clients will view your business. Consider textured paper that feels great when you pass it to someone. This will give off a positive vibe that is sure to impress.

Think about your shape

The majority of business cards are rectangular. This has become standard practice in most industries so why not switch things up? Create a business card that is circular or triangular to truly catch your clients off guard. This business card will surprise them which in turn, will make you memorable

Don’t fall at the first hurdle. Ensure your business card is special and people will be queuing up to work with you.

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