How to Play Strategic Bets for Roulette Online?

by Carter Toni

Roulette remains the most loved and played casino game for decades. One has to be lucky to win in a roulette game. This game is considered a game for lucky people rather than the skilled ones. Russian roulette is the trickiest form of casino game that gives the bettor a 5 out of 6 chance of winning. Though it’s considered illegal in most countries, it is the most celebrated form of an online Indian casino.  

Rules of the Roulette Game

The game blends strategies and luck in the most entertaining form. Players get to bet on digits and colors that they think might have a chance of winning. The ball is spun around and lands on a specific number. Players who bet on that digit and color win the game. Though the game is favored by luck, a few strategies and tips might help you win the game.

The roulette game is played on a board that has two portions. The outer end of the board has the digits and an inner roulette wheel where the ball is spun. The player can bet on the black and red-colored numbers and keep placing bets until the dealer ceases further bets.

If the ball lands on the chosen digit, the players who placed their bets on it win the game. 

Strategies of the Roulette Game

Online roulette games are more strategic as they work on an algorithm. Winners win more chips, and bets that lose are deprived of their wager. Here are the various strategies that are used.

  • Martingale System

This strategy is when the player doubles the bet after losing a game. It means that when the player wins, they ultimately retrieve their losses and gain profits too. It is most strategic to bet on even number wagers like red/black, 0-18/19-36, or odd/even.

  • Labouchere System

This is tricky gameplay to use. If the player loses his bet, he can strategize by utilizing this trick. He first decides the total amount of bets he wants to place, divides them into smaller amounts, and arranges them in a line. He adds the numbers at both ends to place his first bet.

If he wins, he strikes those numbers and places a new bet with the next numbers on the ends. If he loses, he adds the lost total to one end and adds the other end number to place a new bet.

  • Reverse Labouchere System

It is the same as the Labouchere system but in reverse strategy. If he loses, he strikes the used numbers and places a new bet with the next numbers on the ends. If he wins, he adds the lost total to one end and adds the other end number to place a new bet. This strategy is more conservative in comparison to the Labouchere system.

  • Andrucci System

This is a strategic and equally risky system of gameplay like Russian roulette. The player witnesses and records the numbers in which the ball lands for 30-35 games. He then bets on the number that the ball most landed on for the next 20-25 spins. Though it is risky, players have succeeded multiple times using this strategy.

  • D’Alembert System

It’s a safe-play strategy not to fall prey to huge losses. This strategy reduces a coin from the total bet for each win and adds a coin to the total bet for each loss. It is not an aggressive method of play to win more profits but, at the same time, reduces the risk of significant losses.

  • Contra D’Alembert System

This is the reverse psychology of the traditional D’Alembert system. This strategy doubles the coins from the total bet for each win and comes back to the first total bet for each loss. This strategy requires players to win a few consecutive rounds to earn more significant profits.

  • Fibonacci System

This strategy is used to place bets as a total of the last two bets played. If the player wins the game, he adds his previous bet with the previous bet for a new game. The strategy is reversed for each loss. This method is also considered to be less risky and ensures reduced losses.

  • Paroli System

The Paroli strategy is where the player doubles his bet for each win. The player continues to double his bet for three consecutive wins and starts with the beginning of the sequence post three wins. The reverse strategy is used for losses where the betting is reduced in half for each loss.


Always plan a betting time before starting to play an online Indian casino. Choose the most trustworthy betting site and keep a good betting strategy that best suits your gameplay. And most important of all, be responsible for your time and money invested in such online betting games.

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