How to Prepare Your Office Space for a Return to Work

by Carter Toni

Whether you happen to feel apprehensive, excited, or an unnerving mix of the two, preparing your office space for a return to work is an important undertaking.

Making sure that your office is safe, secure, tidy and hygienic will not only make your employees feel better, but it may even boost up productivity across the board.

If you feel as though you could be doing more to get your working environment into the best shape possible, here are some useful points you might want to consider.

Place an Emphasis on Health and Hygiene

Health concerns are understandably at the forefront of many people’s thoughts, particularly those who feel uncertain as to what the future of work might look like.

In this regard, placing an emphasis on the importance of health and hygiene can be a wonderful way to reassure your staff, hopefully easing their potentially stressful thoughts regarding their safety in the workplace.

Along with installing hand sanitiser 500ml bottles or stations throughout the office, promoting personal hygiene and wiping down areas after you have used them. You may also want to think about hiring an expert janitorial service to make sure that your office

This can help you rest easy in the knowledge that your office is being properly cared for by professionals with the experience and tools to do the best job.

A Gradual Return

Having everyone return at once, on the same day, at the same hour, might prove to be a disastrously bad decision.

Depending on the size of your operation, it may be worth introducing a gradual return to the office to make sure that there is no confusion or overcrowding.

Similarly, you may wish to think about implementing a desk booking system, or utilizing hotdesking to make sure that your office remains a safe and socially distanced space for everyone.

Raising Awareness

Not everyone is feeling the same about a return to the workplace. Just as some people cannot wait to leave their remote working environments, others never want to leave.

Raising health and safety awareness among your employees is a great to get everyone on the same page, a vital task if you aim to keep everyone feeling positive.

Reaching out directly to have one-on-one meetings with your staff members can fill you in on where their thoughts are at, and whether or not you should continue offering them the option to work from home.

A return to the office does by no means need to be mandatory for everyone, particularly those who have flourished and thrived in the home working environment, so if you are able, you could offer your employees the choice.

A Bright Future

Metaphorically and literally, brightening up the walls in your office space and introducing some more light into the building can make all the difference.

Swapping a drab and dingy atmosphere for one that emanates positivity may be the best way to prepare your office for a future in which employees will enjoy coming into work.

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