Gambling has been with us far longer than we’d like to admit; for as long as humans have been on the planet, they have wagered on many things. Fast forward to today and sports betting is a billion-dollar industry.

In the world of sports, there is one thing that unites fans of all teams and players – the love of winning money. Whether it’s placing a wager with a friend or online, betting on sporting events is a popular pastime for many. But how do you increase your chances of winning?

You can bet on just about any sporting event. Here are a few tips on sports betting:

  • Get Knowledgeable – Whether boxing or Premier League football, you do need to have a sound knowledge of the sport. Predicting the outcome of a sporting event is obviously going to be difficult and the more you know about the sport and the team or player you are betting on, the better. Register with one of the betting sites such as those of Singapore football betting sites and you can place a bet at any time. Simply login and away you go!
  • Know How To Read Form– Form is a word that is used to track the performance of a team or single player. Find out as much information as you can and this will help you place winning bets. If you are betting on a single player sport, such as boxing, golf or MMA, it is obviously easier to predict outcomes, as opposed to betting on team sports.
  • Bet Early For Better Odds – Generally speaking, the earlier you place your bet, the better the odds you will get. This is not always the case; in some cases, you might find that placing your bet close to the start of the event will give you better odds, it all depends on where the money is being placed.
  • Special Bets – It is possible to place special accumulator bets when you can wager on several sporting events; you can, for example, place a treble bet where you predict the winners of 3 football matches, which gives you great odds. One popular strategy is to bet on 2 favourites and 3 outsiders, which should lead to at least getting your stake money back. Accumulators always offer a greater chance of a big win.
  • Choosing An Online Bookmaker– Of course, there are many online bookmakers and choosing one that pays out on time and is reliable should be a priority. Some online betting agencies offer free bets to new members, as an incentive; do your homework before signing up to find the best providers.
  • Don’t Chase Your Losses – We all know that chasing losses is a mug’s game; doubling up on a loss is a dangerous thing to do and it usually ends up with a loss that you can’t afford. Have a bet limit and stick to it and have the discipline to resist the urge to double up.

Above all, you need to stay updated on the latest news about your team or player. Don’t forget to record all wagers and outcomes from the word go, then you can build some stats and that will help you to improve your edge.

By Carter Toni

BuzRush Staff