Ariana Grande is renowned artist in the music industry and has had a string of popular songs. People enjoy her voice and appearance. always draw people. She’s very well-known and people love her. In addition to singing, she has also appeared in a variety of sitcoms and entertained her admirers by her acting. The American actress, singer and songwriter has had a number of hit songs that we easily listen to during events. At present, she’s drawing attention of the internet thanks to a rumour being spreading like wildfire.

Is Ariana Grande Pregnant

Is Ariana Grande Pregnant 2023 Super Bowl?

There are a lot of stories that have been reported recently saying they believe Ariana Grande is expecting but a large portion of her fans believe that this rumour is fake and this is the reason they have come here to prove the truth. Let’s discover the truth of this rumour and more information about her. She has made herself a name in the world of music which is why it’s not surprising to find her name appearing in reports. In the past, Ariana Grande got married to Dalton Gomez on 15th May 2021. Now, a number of websites claim that she is expecting her first child around the 2023’s Super Bowl. The public is not convinced by this information and want to verify the validity of this information.

We now assert that these claims aren’t real and are unsubstantiated. There isn’t any proof or images that support this assertion. Actually, as of now she’s not at a point in her life to think about having a baby as she suffers from anxiety attacks, which could be the reason behind the increase in weight and weight gain has confused some of her fans who believe she’s expecting. The singer has been experiencing physical discomfort due to her mental health issues as well as emotional turmoil that appears to cause changes in body form or size but without directly relating to hormones that are linked to pregnancy.

All images that circulate on the internet regarding the pregnancy of her daughter are fake. We are asking people to not to share these photos or information that is spreading fake false information. Don’t believe false news, it’s the waste of your time and only trust after you’ve seen the actual proof of it. We are debunking reports of her pregnancy, but any time we hear news of real we’ll surely be the first ones to announce it to our readers. At present she’s focusing on her career in music and taking good care about her wellbeing. She is very well-known in the world of music as she made her first appearance when she was just 15, and since then, she has been performing for her followers.

By Carter Toni

BuzRush Staff