Is CBD safe for cats and dogs?

by Carter Toni

If you were asked the one question you would expect your veterinarian to be able to answer immediately; it would be, is CBD safe for cats or dogs? The answer to this question should be absolute. After all, cats and dogs are just like children in that they want to feel happy and playful. No one likes to watch their cat or dog suffer, and most of them would do whatever they can to help alleviate their suffering. The short and simple of it is: absolutely! Like children, cats and dogs benefit from the healing power of CBD, which makes it an ideal treatment for some very common illnesses.

Give them a bit of extra energy

As far as health issues go, there are very few serious problems associated with CBD. In fact, there are some things that CBD can do for your pet simply by giving them a bit of extra energy! Dogs are known for their energy levels, and cats are even more energetic, but this extra energy can actually be hazardous to your pet if they become too hyper. Just as with human beings, sudden and drastic changes in energy can be dangerous, so if your pet does experience this symptom, give them the added boost of CBD and watch their behaviour change dramatically – it’s for your own protection. It’s also important to note that CBD is completely safe when given to your pets in the form of a supplement, not as a food or juice.

Helping to calm and strengthen your pet’s immune system

Besides helping to calm and strengthen your pet’s immune system, there are other benefits of CBD for dogs and cats. One of the most exciting things about CBD is that it can actually increase your pet’s longevity. The ingredient Functional Keratin is responsible for this boost, and it’s been proven in clinical studies to extend lifespans in both dogs and cats. In other words, if you want to keep your furry (and furry) best friend around for many years, adding CBD oil to their diet is a smart move. Research into Functional Keratin is still ongoing, but so far, it looks like it has potential, so if you’re concerned about the health of your pet and don’t want to invest a lot of money in pet health care, add some CBD oil to their daily diet.

Reduced risk of cancer, seizure disorders, depression, anxiety, behaviour problems, and joint and tendon problems

In addition to increasing lifespan, other benefits of CBD for pets include reduced risk of cancer, seizure disorders, depression, anxiety, behaviour problems, and joint and tendon problems. These last two problems are especially important because so many problems affect the joints and tendons of our dogs and cats. Long-term stress can lead to arthritic conditions, pain and inflammation that lead to infections, and so on. Adding CBD to your dog or cat’s food is a great way to give them the extra energy he or she needs to stay healthy, happy, and playful. And, of course, who doesn’t want to give their pet something extra to boost their immune system?

As mentioned earlier, the benefits of CBD for dogs and cats are not just limited to the aforementioned conditions. Cats and dogs that regularly receive the supplement experience increased energy and an absence of fatigue, as well as reduced incidence of arthritis and hip dysplasia. The decrease in arthritis pain is particularly beneficial to long-haired breeds like the Shih Tzu. In fact, most veterinarians would recommend CBD to long-haired pets to reduce the possibility of joint or muscle injury.

Help treat certain medical conditions

Can CBD be used to help treat certain medical conditions in cats and dogs? Yes, it can! In one study conducted by the University of Glasgow, it was found that CBD significantly reduced the production of a pro-inflammatory cytokine in laboratory animals. Although this finding is not conclusive evidence that CBD is helpful in reducing or even eliminating the symptoms of dogs with arthritis, it does provide hope that CBD may be beneficial for pets with other medical problems.

Reducing the risk of heart disease and improving the function of the liver

Other health benefits of CBD for cats and dogs include reducing the risk of heart disease and improving the function of the liver. In addition to reducing inflammation and the associated pain associated with it, CBD reduces cholesterol levels and increases blood flow to the liver. Improved liver function will minimize damage from fatty liver and hopefully slow down the progression of the disease. There are also several studies showing that CBD significantly reduces the growth of malignant cells in tumours in animals, as well as reducing the chances of cancers spreading into the brain and lungs.

So what is CBD safe for cats and dogs? It seems that there are some beneficial effects when it comes to cats. However, as mentioned above, this is largely unproven, so proceed with caution. For dogs, most data points to CBD being ineffective. If your pet has a medical condition or you plan to supplement their diet with CBD, proceed with extreme caution.

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